The world is a preacher man and he talks in confusion

My entire week was a blur. A Nascar driver blur.

Were it to be because of depression, or jealousy, I have to realize my time here on Earth is counted and it has been given to me for some sort of reason. I have to make something out of it. When I am up there getting my diploma in my graduation ceremony in two months, I’ll realize how very far I have gotten, how I have survived all those “I should kill myself” moments.

I foolishly skipped school today because I didn’t feel like spending the day before spring vacation with thug brats. Karma backfired by letting me know my mother was off today. Sometimes I wish she would accept the job offer she got from a city about two hours away just so she wouldn’t be at home as much.

But, what good things have happened? I got my puppy- well, puppies- a month early. Greta didn’t want to be separated from her sister, so the owner agreed to sell us the other pup. I thought puppies weren’t going to be as time consuming as a baby, and I was surely wrong.

On the first day, they barely ate anything we gave them. They refused to drink the milk we prepared for them because it wasn’t their mother’s. They do eat some kibble every now and then. The owner is letting the mother live here for a few weeks until the dogs are ready to start weaning.

These two girls have their personalities.

Greta (you can guess where her name comes from), my dog, is a bit reserved, quiet, and lazy. She has shorter legs than her sister. She cries when I leave the room if she sees me. She doesn’t eat as much. She is kind of playful, too, and growls. She whines when I try to give her milk.

Ivanka, my sister’s dog, is more playful, bigger, and hungry. She is wild and likes to bite everything! They’re both teething. She likes to run everywhere and she isn’t as whiny as her sister. When I play with her by making her fly, her tail doesn’t waggle, unlike Greta.

These dogs have distracted me from a lot of things lately. It is such a comfort to hold them. Greta today licked my face and made me stop crying. They like biting each other.

I learned everything about dogs from The Sims.

During this one week vacation, I will have to speed up on my online night school work because I have until the first week of May to finish this course and then another course.

I like my day school’s classes. Except for physical education. I enjoy Government class and don’t ever choose to listen to music while doing textbook work because I love listening to my teacher make the loveliest comments about Hilary Clinton. Every day is a new joke!

“I bet she doesn’t take showers because she’d melt.”

He has been really nice to me ever since I told him he looked like Clint Eastwood. He patted me on the shoulder and the other day said I looked adorable.

It’s really strange…My sister, friends, and other people I know are getting really passionate about the presidential elections. I didn’t use to care at all before because I’m not going to live here forever, but I don’t want some idiot ruling the country my little brother is going to grow up in. Every time I go to Facebook I see something about feminism or Trump or Sanders and I feel a little more irritated each time.

I’m not a voting type of person, but I sure as hell would not vote for someone who would legalize weed or make illegal immigrants citizens. My parents are here legally. My sister also worked her ass off studying for her citizenship test (and I helped her with some Full Metal Jacket mild discipline). I read that a candidate wanted to make free education be legal. Sure, that sounds good, but soon all the prestigious colleges will be full of people and all the hard work won’t be worth it. What if I study so hard in community college that when I apply for a transfer to a university…they refuse to accept me because they are full?

I don’t know why things like this have begun to upset me. Maybe I’m just growing up.

Miley Cyrus said if Trump was elected she is going to leave the country. I’ve been waiting for that since I turned twelve. After seeing she posted a picture of her with a tear…a tear…I realized she is still desperate for attention even though she has her gazillions of fans.

This country is becoming more and more depraved and, with people like her, people in about twenty years will demand for laws to be able to have sex in public. Or to be allowed to walk naked. Even some people are starting to dress in other genders when they wouldn’t have dreamt of doing that four years ago just because it’s “in”. To be honest, this would be offensive to people who actually felt they were born in the wrong body, like an actual transsexual. Actually, I have been told that if I believe genders should be equal, I am a feminist. Just so you all know, I am not.

I do believe women should be given rights, but this whole thing has gone too far and become some trendy propaganda. I am no better than a man just because of my reproductive organs. Well, I am better than those that behave like pricks. I think what matters is if we are all good people at heart. All right, I’m done.

I guess I am not very young at heart.

Oh, yes! Leonardo Dicaprio won his precious Oscar!!! The Revenant won all the right categories…Best director…We had some difficulty seeing the Oscars because we have no cable…but we did get to Leo’s part. When Julianne Moore was about to open the envelope, I started recording from my phone, and she said Leonardo Dicaprio…My sister and I started screaming and clapping and I imagine that’s how the world was.

The Oscars wasn’t as fun as other years. It turned into a total civil rights thing. Yes, it’s important, but this night is about Film, not about colors of skin. Chris Rock spent thirteen minutes talking about that and I started thinking, “So, why aren’t you talking about movies, instead of racism?” Movies are supposed to be a distraction, for me anyway. What spoiled it even more was Lady Gaga singing about sexual assault. Good message, but I couldn’t take it so seriously due to her terrible singing and her act of being a musical Ghandi. I would’ve been touched if at least Lana Del Rey could have been featured.

Yeah, I’m definitely moving to another country in the future.

Anyway, my Greta is whining, so I will leave.

I guess I do always relate to this song. Really, who would never like this song? It’s the catchiest thing ever with a truthful message.


2 thoughts on “The world is a preacher man and he talks in confusion

  1. Oh, my dear Isabel 😦 I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. It breaks my heart. Remember you can write me anytime.

    But always your posts cheer me up and are very meaningful to me. Let me know if I can do anything to help.



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