Today I dined in a popular restaurant called Applebee’s and I was served bacon.

I asked for a fucking veggie burger. V-E-G-G-I-E. With vegetables or so.

Chewing it was weird and disgusting. It must have been the jalapenos.

Coming home I wanted to eat the leftovers and it still tasted kind of disgusting. I took a look at its contents and came to discover that it had numerous pieces of bacon. So, they fed me dead pig!

Fucking Sweeney Todd-esque maniacs!!!!

I ate half of it! I am so disgusted! I broke my vegetarian diet last week and it was getting easier to abandon my meat habit until I realized they fed me fucking bacon!

I mean, is there really a veggie that looks pink and greasy with the shape of bacon?

Maybe it was because I asked for cheese.

The service was terrible. Were the cooks or waiters too fucking busy with the Superbowl to pay attention???

I asked her for something “vegetarian” and she suggested a veggie burger.

With bacon, you may have forgotten?

I advise you all to thoroughly check your food contents. You never know what you are being fed.