Last night I happened to be filling out forms related to college while also listening to my Pandora app in my phone. After a while I decided to take a break and check out the thing. There were so many radios I didn’t listen to, including the one of David Bowie.  I deleted it because I never play it. An hour later my sister tells me he’s dead. I go to search if that was actually true and the news was only thirty minutes old.

How mean of me. All weekend I had read much about him in my Marc Bolan book. Pandora would always plays me his song “Heroes” and I really loved it, except when it would play it twice a day and it started to get on my nerves. I even thumbed down “Panic in Detroit” for the same reason.

I like some songs of Bowie, but I could never get much into him. My friend is a big fan and another one loved him in Labyrinth.

The thing is that two nights ago I talked about Bowie in the car to my sister and it wasn’t in very good taste. I had read that he behaved like a diva in Marc Bolan’s funeral, which didn’t please me at all. “I don’t respect him anymore.” I said.

Then the next day he dies. What a strange occurrence. When I heard the news, I instantly got that image of him in Zoolander in the fashion duel scene. It seemed that his days would never end; he was not that old after all.

Well, anyway, let me share a song that I will always like. He certainly left a legacy.