I dedicate this day to my dearest idol, Pola Negri. She still bears a presence in this world, and we can feel her.

She has inspired me so much in the past two years. She was extraordinary. Bless her.

She’s almost like a mentor; a woman of guidance.

In her films I see a friend, someone I connect with, someone I understand.

She was born 119 years ago in Lipno, Poland.

Pola….thank you for everything. I respect you dearly.

May you have one hell of a birthday. Blowing those 119 candles!

I have so many questions about Pola. Some that shall always remain unanswered. I think it is wonderful that love for her still lives on.

She’s the woman of the world, the tomboyish daughter of a leader of bandits, Madame Dubarry, an exotic Arabian dancer, Carmencita, Catherine the Great; she is everything.

She sang “Nur eine Stunde” and left some breathless.

She will always be remembered.

Love is a little song in the morning and, as the day wears, pain. Love is Terror and Beauty. In the thunder and stillness of Life it is the motif for existence.