Sour Times with a pinch of nicotine

I must be out of my mind.

I didn’t attend school today. I chose San Francisco over it.

My finals tomorrow and Thursday, so not going today seemed reasonable.

Thanks to bomb threats in Los Angeles, my mother refused to take us. She says we are to go to the zoo, but, hey, she took a night pill and she’s still sleeping.

The zoo closes in about four hours.

I’m in the mood for pesto chicken pizza.

My persuasive essay is almost finished. Just a conclusive paragraph and aha!

Speaking of my essay, I was telling my friend during lunch about my topic

(My mother awoke! Miracles!)

-and the girls sitting with us apparently listened. One of the girls is that girl who said I was wrong for telling my teacher & principal that her male friend sexually harassed me. I’m still very mad over that.

Anyway, I talked about how smoking cigarettes would make one go through a “slow, debilitating suicide” and that smokers are causing harm to environment and how it the act has killed more people than those who died in wars fought by America.

My friend listened and then the friend of the girl I dislike interrupted.

“So, why don’t you like cigarettes?”

I was shocked within a second to be asked this question. The answer seemed obvious.

I turned to face her and said, “Well, they’re bad for you. They kill ya and those around ya.” I sounded like a Johnny Depp Willy Wonka.

The girl and the one I dislike burst out laughing. I think minutes before they were whispering to one another.

“What’s so funny?” I asked quietly.

Soon they left.

Since then, I’ve been analyzing the humor of all of this. Maybe they were mocking me. Maybe the way I said it was funny. Or maybe I was made fun of because I don’t smoke. Oh right.

Almost everyone there smokes either a joint or a cigarette. If you don’t, then…you’re odd.

How pleasant it sounds to be laughed at for your beliefs! If you have to make fun of someone, at least do it behind their back because laughing in someone’s face is downright cruel. I’m so sensitive, but this isn’t really getting to me.

I’ll send them a postcard when they’re staying at a lung cancer facility. Love, Isadora.

My sister says I keep all my anger inside and do nothing about it. Maybe that’s why I’m so bitter. I hope she doesn’t call Jack Nicholson.

I didn’t forget I also saw a female laughing as she looked at me from afar because I was getting help on my essay from my teacher. Hmm, she was not doing anything. Hmm. Have fun living on welfare.

I’m a laughingstock. A proud one. I have a future.

To all my dear school mates, Drake will not be calling you on your cellphones.

Positive happenings! I have a psychiatrist appointment in about an hour. Anxiety meds! Whoo!

I will eat Mediterranean food. See a night light show at the zoo later on.

On the way, I’ll blast some T. Rex and Fields Of The Nephilim.

I am such a beautiful person.

I also read the wondrous news that foreign students in Finland will have to deal with education fees. I am not into politics, but the party that doesn’t sound as bad is probably the Green one. When I go study in Finland, I’m going to have to find a job to pay at least 1,500 euros of fees. Great 🙂

But, it will happen. Money can’t stop me.

I’ll be off to get ready for the pill doctor….


2 thoughts on “Sour Times with a pinch of nicotine

  1. All your posts are awesome 🙂 They always inspire me because I am experiencing similar things (even though I am old). Anyway, I quit nicotine after 10 years. I quit recently. It took me about a year to quit. I was so addicted. Anyway, I hope I continue to abstain. You are smart not to start.

    And yes: you are a beautiful person 🙂


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