My long awaited Nordic quest

So, it is finally happening. At last, the numerous fantasies in my mind are coming to life. In only nine months.

I am going to Finland. The seven-year-old me said I would after seeing pictures of it; only it is happening eleven years later.

I am also visiting Norway, the land of Kristin Lavransdatter.

This is to happen next year in late August. I will have already graduated and finally be in an adventure with my sister.

But, you know what? When she first told me how it would be, I acted like Bilbo Baggins when the dwarves asked him to join them in their quest. My sister said that first we have to go to Norway (around her birthday) so we can attend some black metal festival.

I don’t like black metal. Metal concerts not even more. The last concert I went to, I sat in the back and begged for it to be over. My sister won’t accompany me unless I go to Norway. Do I want to stay every night in the hotel? Do I want to see another Nordic country? Yet, ugh, black metal.

If she had asked me when I was thirteen, I would have accepted in a heartbeat.

But, I realized I was behaving rather selfishly. She’s been with me during all the three concerts of my favorite band, even though she doesn’t like their music. I can’t even imagine seeing hers! I don’t know. It might be interesting? Their music sounds like the noise made by a building crew. You know, the drilling sound and all the hammers? Add some screams and moans to that in Dutch.

Ultimately, I gave in, like Bilbo. I’m going on a quest.

A quest for exploration of other lands in this planet and for a feeling of actually being alive.

Maybe metal concerts aren’t as annoying like American ones.

Norway sounds great! Three years ago I read a Norwegian novel, translated into archaic English, set in Norway in the 1300s and the descriptions about nature and scenery really fascinated me. I still have to read the other two books in the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy.

Plus, my sister told me that the water there is great, since they don’t have those atrocious American chemicals.

This will only be for about five days. After this, we are going to Helsinki.

Ah, Helsinki. I’ve always dreamed of it. Literally. I would stare at the pictures of the city in my book and imagine I was walking there.

I’ve been told that August is the perfect time to visit that city because it’s still summer and so very green…

There is a beautiful park there named Esplanadi! I still don’t know where I really want to go. There are museums, Tom of Finland, and I guess Seurasaari, if I can go. That is what I must focus on planning. I need to look up what places I want to go in order to consider our expenses. This is still tricky to think about.

Despite stress, I am so very excited! This would mark the beginning of a new stage in my life. When I return, I would be attending college…

I know nearly everyone there speaks English, but I like to feel familiar with a place and not alien. I can understand some Finnish. Not that much, like a full conversation. For example, if I hear the words “hallitus” or “hallituksen”, then I know this is a conversation about politics. The language doesn’t sound like full stuttering anymore. Instead, I can grasp some words and personal nouns. I can visualize the words in my head, even though it is still difficult to understand when they are changed by suffixes and the dreaded partitive case. The good thing is that when I go there, I won’t find myself in despair about not understand signs or directions or “hyvää päivää”.

I don’t know any Norwegian. It looks like an interesting language, but my language-learning heart is set on something else.

Nine months! It’s like waiting for a child to be born. We have to save so much money, sweet God.

I’m really happy. I have hope and I am happy. Even when I may cry, I’ll be reminded of this.

Who knows what will come out of this? I just know I won’t be the same when I return. When my sister came back from Norway, she was much more confident.

Besides this, I’m very excited for today! I will be seeing The Passion of Joan of Arc this afternoon! I have a feeling I hopefully will like it, since it looks like a drama that I won’t ridicule with criticism…ahem…Pandora’s Box.

Here is a black metal song I do like:

(They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!)

And my favorite Finnish song!

Maisemakonttorini sälekaihtimien
välistä aurinko helottaa
Pepitaruutuisen jakkusi riisut
ja hymyilet – mua pelottaa

Mitä on paidan ja hameen alla
ihan kohta mulle selviää
Sä minua kiusaat, etkö sä tiedä
tää on seksuaalista häirintää

Hei sisko sisko sisko
sä olet kyllä minun makuuni
Ooo sisko sisko sisko
mut hoidetaan ensin tää duuni

Vastaaja viestejä korvaani sylkee
faksi nurkassa nakuttaa
Pomo jos tietää se minut nylkee
kun sihteeri tukkaani takuttaa

Kuka on päällä ja kuka on alla
ihan kohta mulle selviää
Sä minua kiusaat, etkö sä tiedä
tää on seksuaalista häirintää

Hei sisko sisko sisko
sä olet kyllä minun makuuni
Ooo sisko sisko sisko
mut hoidetaan ensin tää duuni

Kuka on päällä…

Hei sisko sisko sisko…

Etkö sä nää! Tää on seksuaalista häirintää


(R.I.P. Aki Sirkesalo)

And Happy Birthday to the dearest Fritz Lang!!!


7 thoughts on “My long awaited Nordic quest

  1. This is so exciting! Congratulations. About the music festival, I thought you liked Black Metal!? But anyway, that is funny what you said about the band sounding like a building crew. How old is your sister in comparison to you again? Squee, Finland!!


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