Woman in the Moon (1929)

The moon unites people. It illuminates our planet in the hour of darkness. The moon fascinates all because it is the closest thing to this planet, or so I think.

This is the most fascinating space film I have ever seen.

Helius, Professor Mannfeldt, Gustav, Windegger, and Friede wish to go to the Moon.

Difficulties soon arise.

Finally, there is a woman in the moon.

I had happy water in my eyes when it ended.

Helius and Friede.

Screenshot (2523)

I wish to sob from joy.

God, what a film!! Clearly one of the….no….it’s definitely there on my top five. The story was more than Science… it had the value of life…tension…and a touch of sentiment. One of Fritz Lang’s best.

Once again, thank you Fritz Lang.

It was almost three hours… and worth it.

Screenshot (2485)

Screenshot (2486)


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