The moon unites people. It illuminates our planet in the hour of darkness. The moon fascinates all because it is the closest thing to this planet, or so I think.

This is the most fascinating space film I have ever seen.

Helius, Professor Mannfeldt, Gustav, Windegger, and Friede wish to go to the Moon.

Difficulties soon arise.

Finally, there is a woman in the moon.

I had happy water in my eyes when it ended.

Helius and Friede.

Screenshot (2523)

I wish to sob from joy.

God, what a film!! Clearly one of the….no….it’s definitely there on my top five. The story was more than Science… it had the value of life…tension…and a touch of sentiment. One of Fritz Lang’s best.

Once again, thank you Fritz Lang.

It was almost three hours… and worth it.

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Screenshot (2486)