Being useful in the Crowd of this planet

It’s been such a long, long, long week. I’ve been quite busy with studies at last!  At first, some of my keys wouldn’t type because they had some water! I had to blow deep from my lungs to dry them.

I can recall my week just beginning when getting surprise vaccinations. My doctor (who has seen me ever since I was a newborn) believed I was fine and that I really didn’t have anything. I do believe her. Those labels the doctors have given me are a load of crap. She was very kind and made me feel like an actual patient; she looked into my eyes and touched my shoulder. I was ready to leave when she asked me about two vaccinations. Oh, sure I had gotten them around four years ago! Questions like this made me nervous. My mother and she started to discuss this subject more and I started to realize I had not been vaccinated in four years. It wasn’t until my medical records were thoroughly checked that I was forced to get both of my arms stabbed. The first needle hurt, but the second one reached my bone. It was very, very painful. Minutes before I wanted to run out of the room. Bravery took hold of me and I had to remain calm.

Then I had a test on earthquakes the following day. Oh, how I studied the night before! I memorized all the answers as much as I could, and even studied during my lunch break. It was grand that he removed the question I had worked hard to memorize. I did pretty well. Besides matters like history, I had to do a project on Bilbo Baggins. I really like The Hobbit, but why couldn’t we just leave the book alone? I spent four hours working on it yesterday and had to ultra-analyze how Bilbo’s character matured. I’m done, I’m done!

All has been finished. I’m earning the right credits. Doing the right thing. Yet I still feel unsatisfied and sad somehow. I’m doing something good for myself at last…but I can’t share the feeling of pride my teachers and parents and siblings and friends have for me. I still feel unworthy.

But, I am so very young! I’m on the right steps for success and a big old home from the Victorian era in a Nordic region and a career that will suit me. I really do hope that can be achieved…because…that would be proving myself my efforts have paid off.

The weather cooled dramatically on the first day of this month. Such a blessing.

Oh, yes! I was feeling quite irritated yesterday so my sister and I decided to watch Desk Set. Oh, I love the energy Katharine Hepburn can give you from her roles. She’s so alive! Spencer Tracy shared so much chemistry with her. There was this hilarious scene when they were having dinner and Kate’s boyfriend came to visit and we just laughed. The movie is so easy-going and plain fun. I won’t forget Joan Blondell! This movie reminds one that technology is both improving our lives and negatively affecting them. This cheered me up easily. Katharine Hepburn has such an empowering vibe that made me feel confident.

Just saying, I want to have that job in the research department and work with those ladies. Spencer Tracy was so nice! He was funny.

This weekend nearly all I plan to do is learn Finnish and keep practicing on verb conjugation.

Pyytää (to ask):

Pyydän———- I ask

Pyydät——— You are asking

Pyydätte——– You (all are asking)

Pyydämme——— We are asking

He pyytävät——- They are asking

Hän pyytää——– He/she is asking

And this was verb conjugation with Finnish.

After five years, I can understand about four words and suffixes in a conversation. Wow!

Well, I am to leave now and sleep. It was fun writing.


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