Saturday morning….

My God, it’s Saturday! Alas, I meant to sleep in, but awoke at eight in the morn. I dreamt my science teacher came over to have breakfast.

Oh, it is also Halloween. Happy Samhain? Um, boo.

My attitude towards Halloween.
My attitude towards Halloween.

I guess I could try to have a better attitude today.

I’ll re-watch Der Gelbe Schein, following with The Dr. Phibes movies…

A deep breath is taken and I realize it hasn’t all been a drag. I got a 100% on my quiz. Ate great food. Drank Peruvian soda. And got new earphones; I was going through severe music withdrawal.

Yesterday, I attended school wearing a leather jacket, leather pants, leather boots, and a black hat with a black feather glued on the right upper side. Yes, I dressed myself as Carl McCoy, vocalist of Fields Of The Nephilim.

The thing with that black hat is that I got it cheaply for a dollar and it was made of cardboard. When walking outside, it kept flying off my head. Oh, such a hardship!

Throughout the whole day in my place of education yesterday, I heard at least five conversations about marijuana.

“I can’t smoke because I’m on probation. Until next month!”

“Bruh, weed relaxes me.”

Yeah, my memory is fuzzy, but that’s what some teenagers choose to do rather than, uh, let’s say, attempt to have a future.

Enough, enough! I’m sick of talking about these brats. On Thursday, my sister joined me my re-watching of The Wildcat. I caught myself laughing and feeling at ease. This film is eccentric and humorous. It was even better than I remembered. When Pola Negri is there trying on the dress and looking at herself in the mirror, I felt like crying of happiness. That was one iconic moment of the woman’s work. If you want to remember Pola, that would be one of the moments I would look back upon in her film history. What else is more fun than going to the mountains of Bavaria and rolling around the snow and feeling like a child? I think Ernst Lubitsch named this film as his favorite he made. This was the first time I saw Pola Negri and, if you haven’t seen it, please do watch it. It’s such a fun watch. It changed my life.

Plans for today? GTA V, record store shopping, Dr. Phibes, trick or treating with my little brother, and breathing.

Just so you know, I don’t like candy. Chocolate is really gross. Chocolate I hate the most.

I’m not a fan of horror, but I feel a great deal of respect for Maila Nurmi. I don’t see her as a vampire goth lady or a model. I see her as a woman who had ambition, but was competed by Hollywood types. I just wanted a moment to remember she was a star.


Here’s Buster Keaton as Venus de Milo. Have a good day.


And R.I.P. Max Linder.


2 thoughts on “Saturday morning….

  1. I couldn’t find the like button. So I’m just telling you that I *like* this post ­čÖé I like your blog’s layout too. I also have funny dreams like the one you said you had about your science teacher, haha!


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