Okay, this is getting pretty strange and I am being truthful. Two days ago or yesterday, I thought I read something about Maureen O’ Hara being dead. “Nah..” I thought.

Weeks before I was reading a blog post from this girl who attended the TCM festival last year and saw her up close; Maureen was in a wheelchair.

A month ago or so I picked up her autobiography while walking around Barnes and Noble. Very pretty woman! Never have seen any of her films though.

Now, I came to the news that she is actually dead. I hate occurrences like this.

I remember buying the banana album of The Velvet Underground and thinking of Lou Reed. A week later he died.

I bought One Hundred Years of Solitude and Gabriel Garcia Marquez died two weeks later.

I was thinking of Mickey Rooney and listening to his songs with Judy Garland and I discovered he died on that same day.

I watched To Have and Have Not and Lauren Bacall died a month later.

I was watching a Christopher Lee movie about witches and thinking about his age and he died two weeks later.

I am a hex. I should stay away from the work of aging artists.

Anyway, R.I.P. Maureen O’ Hara.


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