I feel quite happy at the moment. Not excessively happy. Just happy to be living. To be part of quite a remarkable species. I also felt a great urge to write.

I didn’t succumb to foul mood today. I felt at a level of peace with myself. My educational place was fine, my work was done, and I didn’t dread coming home.

Spent about half an hour or so reading Patricia Kennealy-Morrison’s blog. I’ve always admired the woman, since she is so very interesting, because of how bravely she dealt with Jim Morrison’s death and when Doors fans backfired on her. I have not finished her memoir of her times with Morrison, but will do so once I am capable enough to read again. She has fascinating stories about her times in college and of the sixties rock scene altogether. She hasn’t updated her blog in three years though. Oh, well.

I’ve actually been very bored for the past month, as my persistent wont, but I’ve managed to find ways to suppress it for a while. I’ve seen films, played Grand Theft Auto games, listened to Fields Of The Nephilim, talked to my friend, spend time with my sister, and paid full attention to my studies.

For the first time of my life, I have had As and A+ pluses. My teachers do proudly speak of me while others spend their time talking about their marijuana or playing loud rap music in class. You could say…that I am their last hope. *blushes*

On this track, I will graduate on time.

I’m looking forward to visiting San Francisco this week. I want to visit the place near Golden Gate Bridge where Kim Novak jumped in the ocean in Vertigo. My sister went there last time. Oh, yes, also Jimmy Stewart’s apartment!

Surely I’ve also been learning much Finnish. It’s easy to remember the words because, well, my friend is Finnish, and we often use part of the language in our conversation. It’s quite fun and essential for my trip next year.

Also, I finished Grand Theft Auto V. The missions, I mean. I was mesmerized even with the last mission! I chose to keep all the characters alive and kill the simpletons that tricked them. The mission took me at least forty minutes. It’s a breakthrough in video game history. What a game. I found Grand Theft Auto IV for eight dollars at the supermarket. Oh, how I happily jumped! Niko Bellic has such an adorable accent. I actually failed the mission where he goes on his first date. My PS3 HDMI cable stopped working for a few days so I killed my boredom by playing Grand Theft Auto III on my PS2. The driving is so fast and vehicles are damaged easily. My aiming also sucks.

And Pola Negri is more and more precious and inspirational and greater every day!

Here's some Pola Negri.
Here’s some Pola Negri.

Oh, right, I also forced my sister to see Sunrise, directed by Mr. Murnau, and she sure loved it. My eyes still water to that film.

Been eating less meat.

I guess I’ll be off to listen to Air’s score for The Virgin Suicides and chew some gum.

Bye. :)
Bye. ­čÖé

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