Thank you for remaining brave and for your greatness as a woman.  I wanted to meet you one day, but some things happen for a reason. Thank you for being such a great wife to Mr. Zappa and for accepting him as a person. May you two have rejoiced for once more, as you both did in the sixties. Thank you for giving him those beautiful children. Thank you for being so powerfully resilient. Love of my life…..I love you so…..

It took a couple of minutes, but I fell (don’t laugh) in love.

– Frank Zappa

In his autobiography, Frank said that in order for a marriage to work out, the spouses had to be best friends. I always keep that in mind. He said Gail was his best friend. Watching footage of him and her and toddler Moon and baby Dweezil will make me sentimental from now on. I just know they’re in a better place now.