I love GTA V

I love love love it!!! It’s one of the greatest games that could be ever be played. Of course, there’s Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and San Andreas but…oh my lord!!!

(It is two am)

I’ve been playing it for about a month now. When I come back home from a vexatious day at school, I start the PS3 and run to sit in a chair.

I don’t know which I character I love more. There’s Michael…who is sort of self-centered but, like me, spends too much time on his head, deeply analyzes the situation, and likes to sit around and watch old movies.

Trevor is a psychopath surely…but I feel for him. He was abused as a child and he deals with his emotions in a violent manner. Whenever life gets to him, it’s as if alcohol were being rubbed on his wounds. He is caring. He even got a tattoo of Michael’s name. He loves Franklin…and Patricia. He could control his outburst a little more…but he brings the energy to the trio.

Now, Franklin….He has such a big heart. Whenever I play him, I don’t like killing. He is a problem solver. Young. His dog Chop is such a help in missions and I love his home. Franklin is such a dear! He even saved Michael from death! He’s a homie. I know how it is to not want to be stuck in one place…to want to get ahead in life.

What I hate about these three characters is that they change the clothes I pick for them. I made Trevor look very handsome.

I did not enjoy the torture mission. I just wanted to get it over with. I’m almost done with the game and on my free time today I threw grenades at Michael’s son and wife.

I also like driving my car really fast, jumping out while it is still running, and seeing it run over all the mean, unfriendly people.

The scenery is quite beautiful. It’s extraordinary. I just love driving around Los Santos and seeing the sea! And all the buildings. It shows how much dedicated work was put in the production of this game.

The shootouts and heists bring so much energy to the gameplay that even I feel excited.

I sometimes burst out laughing when it comes to character dialogue. Michael calling Trevor a hipster still gets to me.

I still really love GTA: Liberty City Stories….but I’ve never really played HD version of GTA!

The cops are annoying, as always.

I refuse to kill any animals.

Sticky bombs are my favorite.

I really really hate flying planes. I can never land one. In missions, I always have to skip plane sections after crashing for the thousandth time.

I am a big fan of TheGamingLemon and thanks to his GTA videos I started playing the game.

Anyway, it is an incredible game. Very violent, but fun for those who can tolerate pixel people being murdered. The label on the game says I am old enough.

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All right, goodnight!


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