First, I was going to take a nap, but then I remembered Destiny.

Screenshot (1690)

It’s actually a dark movie with a warm-hearted purpose.

For love is strong as death…

I had been trying to watch it all month but something always interrupted.

There are two lovers who are followed by Death’s main servant (he collects bodies) and, when he is near, it means the light of someone’s life will flicker out.

There are three scenarios of doomed love in any era, with societal oppressions, jealousy, and death.

Screenshot (1681)

Screenshot (1680)

The collector of souls actually has a good heart but his inability to stop the cruel process of dying makes him appear indifferent.

I watched the restored version and the orchestral score gave the film some form of emotion.

There are very serious situations such as suicide, early death, and assassination. It’s raw. It won me over. I was awed.

Fritz Lang is quite the director, isn’t he?

Screenshot (1695)

I want to give my foremost thanks to gypsyscarlett for recommending me this delightful film! As you can all presume, I loved it.

The thing is that the people in this movie haven’t really appreciated life….They’re all focusing on the suffering instead of the fact that their hearts still beat. Yet, when offered eternal rest, they run away.

Screenshot (1689)

P.S: I really loved the special effects. They look better than the actual ones from these days.


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