Yesterday was my walkthrough for school. I don’t know why they had to make Seniors go early as hell but I am glad they did. I got up at 5:50 in the morning without alarm and went there at 7:20ish. There was a long line of kids. Oh, sweet God.

I had to stand in line for probably forty minutes. I had worn my velvet blue dress and the wind was letting me be Marilyn Monroe, which wasn’t at all pleasant.

The lady asked for my papers and I did not have any; not surprising. She said I should’ve gotten them by mail. Well, there was nothing! I had to phone my sister and tell her to rush so she could fill my papers about enrollment this year and taraararatata. When I got back, there was no line. I walked in the gym, I was told that I was to take my school I.D. picture. Oh, how wonderful! I posed and was forced to smile, since my face is always so serious. The photographer said my smile came out of nowhere.

Then I walked some more to see what else I had to get….and then there were fines. Apparently I had not returned my textbooks. All right, I had left them in my locker. Most of the year I had three classes per day only and I had completely forgotten of those taken off my schedule. Lockers are emptied at the end of the year. There were also two library books I had not returned but that’s just my stupid memory. I took a peek of the list and saw my name and I hope that the number two hundred was not next to it. I am hoping at least sixty is what I saw.

The lady told me in an angered tone to go to the library and get the textbooks so they would be turned in. I should be doing that today. I can’t get my class schedule until I pay my fines. There’s no way in hell I’m telling Mother about this.

Then another forty or so minutes were spent in line waiting to be given a laptop/tablet. There were two Mexican boys in front of me talking in Spanish about repeating the year. I pretended to not understand. My feet were killing me by this time.

I was given the device and thus proceeded to obtain my schedule. I had fines so I couldn’t. Oh my, I could possibly die without it.

When it comes to libraries, I could be declared a criminal. I have forgotten to return books from all the libraries near the places where I have lived. I must owe around two hundred dollars now.

But I live far from there now! It doesn’t matter a bit, ha-ha!!!

At least from the tablet I could write in bed and watch my movies.

Speaking of movies, I catched one starring Gary Cooper last night on TCM. I…like Gary Cooper. This movie was about the life of a baseball player. I do hate sports so the only reason this was watched was because of….Gary Cooper.

Those eyes he had….adorned with smooth eyelashes! That smile he so prettily showed for his audience! That timid personality that I admired……

I now hold him dear. Even in Morocco I already was having feelings for him but it wasn’t until here where he played such a character with no faults. He was born with a cleansed soul and did not succumb to human temptations, only baseball. It was a beautiful movie and I am glad I gave it a chance. It’s about the life of Lou Gehrig. I really loved the part where he hit two homeruns for that crippled little boy.

Then as I was readying myself for bed, I started thinking more about Gary Cooper. My, what an actor!

I remembered Lupe Velez. Oh dear.

And Clara Bow.

And Tallulah Bankhead. I mentally groaned and felt a bit jealous. I disliked her already.

Besides that, I wanted to know more about his life and see more of his films, especially his silents. I’ve only seen about four of his movies but I will watch more because this feeling I had when seeing him felt so liberating….


Pola Negri met Gary Cooper.
Pola Negri met Gary Cooper.

All right, when I stop writing this I will see one of his silents.

Oh, yes! I also re-watched Madame Dubarry after a long time with my sister. What a movie! Pola still remains an undying spectacle. Poor, poor, poor Harry Liedtke. To be honest, at the end, when they were about to be separated by death and cuddling, I wished to cry a bit. You should watch it. She gives one of her best performances.

Oh lord, tomorrow is my last first day of school. At least I’ll be doing something with my life.