If you’re saddened and you know it, clap your hands. *clap clap*

Eros (mental voice): What’s wrong?

Me: I am bored and sad.

Eros: Well, you had to soon realize you would be. You are crap.

Me: Okay.

Eros: What are you going to do now?

Me: I don’t know. Watch videos of my favorite actress, I guess.

Eros: Oh, hmm….What’s the use or the effort? Her other fans are twice as loyal as you and you are not needed.

Me: That’s right. I am not needed. I don’t do anything.

Eros: Of course!

Me: I know I should stay but I want to leave.

Eros: Leave!

Me: I don’t know how.

Eros: Oh, please, there are plenty of ways and I don’t want to hear of your cowardice. W-what are you doing?

Me: Crying.

Eros: This is a waste of time. Why do I bother to put up with you?

Me: You’re my mind.

Eros: What are you waiting for? Do it already!

Me: I want to….I am just a bit apprehensive. I don’t think I should do this.

Eros: Oh, that is such bullshit! You know being here won’t make things any better.

Me: Why do you hate me?

Eros: You are a waste of sperm. Sorry, darling, it’s not my fault you are worthless.

Me: Will you ever love me again? What have I done to you?

Eros: You kept existing when it was time to leave. You’ve done nothing but irritate the humans whose stay here is worthwhile. Look at yourself, you are the epitome of ugliness in sight.

Me: Yes.

Eros: We’re making progress.

Me: Maybe I should listen to music.

Eros: Oh, fucking hell, why?? Remember, dear, all of these bands have their precious fans and they do not need you. You are a vain, shallow young girl thinking she’s got it worse than anyone. Listening to tunes won’t make you any more special than what you think you are. I’m pretty sure at this very moment someone is loving that song that is in your mind and probably loves it more than you. Do you like that?

Me: No.

Eros: No matter how much devotion you may show for something, you still will positively remain unimportant and worthless, of course. And remember; everything you do will ultimately be annihilated millions of years from now but, then again, it is a definite fact that you are to be forgotten after your hopeful demise.

Me: Sure. Don’t you like anything about me, Eros?

Eros: No, sorry dear. I despise you.

Me: Good to know.

Eros: Yes!

Me: It’s never too late to uncover myself from a cloak called “happiness”.

Eros: That’s a facade humans invented so they can be stable. It’s convincing someone to live with a dead heart.

Me: I never thought of it that way.

Me: Eros……What will happen to you when I do leave?

Eros: Be a mind for someone with purpose.


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