Okay, wow. At midnight some ten hours ago, I felt like checking my sweet dear blog. Once I did, I noticed that it had changed. What I mean is that my theme had gone back to its default mode. Not only did that, it also completely changed my menu!

Wow, WordPress. It took me about an hour to design my blog with that new theme and you just throw it all away like that? Without telling me a damn thing? I have designed it the way it was again….but it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. I am disappointed….but, hey, at least my writing’s still here.

Things are rapidly changing by fast! Going too, I guess.

This morning I got new health insurance, which is fantastic, thank God. A new poster of my favorite band was ordered. I’ve watched great movies. I got unpleasant people out of my life. I’ll remember more later.

Today I had some sort of breakdown. My sister moved the internet modem and placed it on my desk and moved everything around. There was so much disorder! It made me feel uneasy and quite tense….She wouldn’t stop moving things around and I started yelling and pushing her away and I ended up crying, wanting to die, and locking myself in the bathroom. Everything just was supposed to be where it was….My CDs….everything was just moved. It really ticked me off.

I am easily irritated and still feel that too many things are going on….but I can manage hopefully.

I better be well by the 6th next week. School starts. It’s my last year and I don’t want emotional troubles to get in my way for graduation.

So….at least I catched a silent film screening on the 24th. I saw…..Queen Kelly.

Well, what a strange movie. I loved how things began….Gloria Swanson was playful and had a beautiful smile. I really liked her in this role.

Footage of this movie is featured in Sunset Boulevard, when Norma Desmond and William Holden are watching her silent movies.


I loved this movie in the beginning…..I thought it different. I loved Swanson’s chemistry with her leading man and her charisma! The jealous obsessed lady with her whip….the fire the Prince started so he could get Gloria….

But then….it just showed pictures stills and then text explaining to us what happened later in the story. These events at the end were pivotal for the film and they just tell us like that?

The reason it was cut like that was because the primary director, Erich von Stroheim, who played Gloria Swanson’s butler in Sunset Boulevard, was fired from the production for his so many expenses. He wanted this film to be his ultimate masterpiece. He filmed so much footage and the rest of the cast thought him crazy. If this movie hadn’t been cut, it would have been four hours long.

I mean, so far the movie was great and I was very disappointed when they started showing movie stills. I wouldn’t have minded some excessive footage. I said some. If they had let Stroheim be a little crazy maybe the film would’ve pleased me at the end.

All in all, I liked the plot….but not the way it was fully told. Some times four hour movies are necessary.

I liked the intertitles.
I liked the intertitles.

I should say that I was not a big fan of the Africa scene where Gloria Swanson was forced to marry a lustful old man. It was slow.

I expected the Prince to come rescue her and tarararaa but nope! It was just text and a few pictures!

Okay, I will admit that some effects and shots were eccentric and incredible. There was some slow motion, too. I could really see the horror in Gloria’s face when she was getting whipped.

The part where she was about to commit suicide was psychologically insightful. I really got to know what went in her mind before jumping from the bridge. She was staring down at the water and on the sides of the screen were memories of the moments that drove her to wanting to commit suicide.

In despair.

The speed of this film was not usually fast as with other silent films….This was 1929 and the silent era was ending.

The movie was all right, I should say. I got discount.

I also saw Cinema Paradiso earlier on that day and it made me cry. I don’t usually cry to many things. It was a beautiful, incomparable film. I watched again with my sister and I still cried.

I also forced her to watch The Phantom Carriage when it played on TCM last night. She ended up loving. It’s those special effects, yes! I strangely got distracted with Victor Sjöström’s tallness. I found it rather attractive. That film still touches me.

All right….my mind has been everywhere today and I’m very distracted and it has taken me nearly an hour to write all this so….

(Here is a picture of a twenty-year-old Pola Negri with long hair and natural look in The Eyes of The Mummy Ma.)

She was beautiful.
She was beautiful.