Go to San Fraaaaanciscooooo!

I went to San Francisco two days ago and took a bus tour. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for seven years and I’ve never been in one!

I thought it would take us around some streets or so, but it took us around the whole city! I didn’t see Castro Street though. San Francisco is like a painting you could actually enter and explore as it could mesmerize you with its majestic scenery, even with fog.

What almost made my eyes misty from emotion was crossing through The Golden Gate Bridge….I couldn’t get a better picture of it because my phone died.


The wind harshly swept against my face and I loved it. The city is a precious relic.

I even saw the Ferry Building and it was just like in 1915! It literally had the number 1915 on top.

Guess what that reminded me of!

When I was a young child in Peru, I always dreamed of coming back to California and walking around San Francisco. I always looked at the little souvenirs we still had and one was a mini Golden Gate Bridge. It would play a patriotic song that filled my heart with a nostalgia I had no reason to feel. When I was Frisco again, I was happy I was living the dream I had as a child, which was being again in America and visiting its scenic places. I guess I really did feel happy, in some form of relief.


2 thoughts on “Go to San Fraaaaanciscooooo!

    1. You’re welcome! If you ever get the chance to go, don’t pass the chance of going there! Oh, I don’t know much about St. Louis (besides that movie Meet Me In St. Louis) but I can tell you that San Francisco is a very eccentric city that is supportive to the arts. Lots of fog. Lots of sea. ­čÖé

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