Pretty good movie! If you want to see stuff like murder, greed, and a guy calling his girl, “baby”, then this is for you!

I was incredible anxious I was to be late, for I left the house precisely ten minutes before it was supposed to start. The cinema is right a round the corner basically. My sister and I went to the ticket booth…..

Me: Can we have two tickets for TCM presents: Double Indemnity?

Ticket Lady: What?

Me: Double…..Indemnity?

Maybe I had been mistaken and it was playing somewhere else.

Ticket Lady: Oh….Okay, yeah, here it is.

And so we bought the tickets and I actually thinking that I missed the credits and that seats were taken and that people would be there…..

N-no. My sister had been right. She had said that the room was going to be empty. There were at least seven people or so seated through the whole movie.

The film hadn’t even started yet! They made us wait like fifteen minutes. That’s good because I didn’t even miss the introduction made by Robert Osborne.

Then DUN DUN DUNNNN!!! It started with good old credits and Paramount Pictures….

At first in the film I couldn’t really understand what was going on…I’m so used to subtitles and these people spoke fast. The volume wasn’t loud enough.

This guy was trying to sell insurance and this lady kept insisting she wanted to buy accident insurance for her husband?

I didn’t let that hold me back. Half an hour later the film really started to make sense. Oh gosh, Barbara Stanwyck was crazy! My sister was attracted to Fred MacMurray and I wasn’t. I thought he was a divine actor though. Edward G. Robinson was such a darling! I just wanted to give him a kiss on the cheek.

I’ll give just a little summary of what I saw.

So this guy is a insurance salesman and he goes to this lady’s house and she wants to get accident insurance for her husband. She seems cool at first but then he visits again and he starts to suspect…..accident insurance….and her femme fatale attitude….

She just had to come to his apartment and then they kissed and she confessed to having thought of murder and they plan to kill her husband with the excuse that he was abusive to her…..

So thus a plan is formed that is so prettily clever but is it really?

Watch the movie! It’s too good to be described in my words. I’m not a film noir superfan but this was really good!

By the way, the stepdaughter of Barbara was so cute! She looked like a cartoon!

(I wanted her to be with Walter.)

What I really loved from the film were the shadows and the dark touch it had. I really felt the evil from a certain character….and the greed and the murderous intention…..

When the movie ended, my sister and I were the only ones who clapped. Robert Osborne at the end said another movie was going to come to theaters from TCM and I got excited…..

He said musical. I mentally groaned.

He said Grease and suddenly I found myself giving the middle finger. I heard someone laugh.

Anyway, if you live in America and are interested in seeing this, don’t miss it! It is in local theaters!

If you’re not in America, still do give this film a try! It’s fantastic! Plus, it was directed by the memorable Billy Wilder, who’s directed so many beloved classics!

There’s a clever insurance man…..a conniving female….and everyone is somehow involved…..