Summer Breeze

I think I’m okay again. The house is being remodeled and my sister invaded the television with her childhood show, Goosebumps.

I’m listening to Type O Negative.

My sister is off from work and I don’t have to care for my brother at all today. I don’t like having the door of my room closed. I get so lonesome.

What cheered me up is that I discovered that the movie Double Indemnity is playing across theaters in America. I checked my local theater and there is a showing at seven today! To be honest, I’ve never seen it because…..well…..I just never got around to seeing it. Film noir is just something I don’t pay much attention to. I have heard good stuff about it though! I will not miss a classic movie on the big screen. Hopefully twats will not be talking like in Gone With the Wind.

Have I written of how the Type O Negative version of “Summer Breeze” is much better than the actual Seals and Crofts one??? Whenever I listen to it I feel I am swimming in an ocean of waves that drown you in whirlpool of bliss……I truly achieve some form of ecstasy.

Apparently some asshole lied to my mother by convincing her to purchase a package for cable and said that TCM would be included. Yesterday I wanted to catch a showing of Metropolis and the channel was never even listed in the guide! Oh, he should be fired.

Oh!!! I found a uniquely beautiful video of the trailer of a restoration of a silent film I am very interested in seeing. It’s a Lubitsch one! It features the one and only, Emil Jannings, and I think Harry Liedtke! It’s so precious and the score almost made my eyes water.

I think I’ll be fine.

I must be going now…hopefully I’ll see more videos of my favorite band even though I think they made me a tad emotional today…….


4 thoughts on “Summer Breeze

  1. i haven’t seen double indemnity either but i have a copy of it. did you go and watch it? i’d also love to see metropolis since it’s one of those movies that keep appearing on “films you must see” lists.

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    1. Yeah, I went. It was a very good film about getting away with murder and lying…..It was dark….lots of shadows….

      Oh I love Metropolis! It’s nice about a how civilization in the future (2026) everyone is basically a slave and they have to obey their leader….and there is an evil scientist wanting to make his own human girl…..

      Sometimes I watch films that are in those “you must see lists” but then I just prefer to see what I wish…..

      But seriously Double Indemnity was great 😀

      Metropolis has a beautiful story, too….There is a cool scene with the character Maria!

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