My CD player is currently being a dick by making the right side of the headphones sound louder and by not working with charged batteries. This is the fourth one that I’ve to yet replace in five years.

This means that I can’t listen to my CDs. Good for them! The jewel cases always end up cracked in my bag and the discs filthy….

Now to survive and receive my daily musical aliments, I decided to download a Pandora app on my phone. I was quite skeptical about doing this again…since it played me music I didn’t want to hear. I did try Spotify but uninstalled it after not being able to play any song I wanted.

Pandora makes a music station for each artist you pick. And those stations play “related” artists to the one you choose. It usually does not pick the best artists for my stations.

For Type O Negative, it plays me Alice In Chains, Tool and even Marilyn Manson. Ugh.

For Cocteau Twins, it plays me stuff like Mazzy Star, Siouxsie and The Banshees and other artists that I don’t wish to listen to.

For The Doors, it plays me The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and overrated classic rock hits. I dislike all the artists mentioned except for The Doors.

And that is how it is with other artists. I skip and skip and skip until it tells me that I can’t skip anymore and have to be stuck with awful songs.

The Fields of the Nephilim radio plays a lot of Type O Negative (especially from October Rust!) but then Pandora decides to spoil my mood with goth music. I am not a fan of goth music at all. Thanks to Pandora, I’ve suffered through Bauhaus, Peter Murphy, Tears For Fears, Sisters of Mercy, etc.

That hasn’t been nice.

I’ve been bored!

Nephilim is an all right band but other than that I can’t stand goth music or the fact that Pandora dares play a Marilyn Manson song in my treasured Type O Negative radio.

Sometimes it plays me songs I just exactly adore….(AHEM AHEM “Green Man” AHEM AHEM “Summer Wine” AHEM AHEM “Dawnrazor”)

At least I am at home and have my computer and Youtube still exists.

I’m very picky with music, if you haven’t noticed.

Maybe I should just get a new CD player.

Here’s a song that makes me very nostalgic about my childhood. Regards.


14 thoughts on “Pandora

      1. I love Voltaire!!! ThouShalNot – what can I say…in a league of their own. These days the remainder of the band perform as The Seeming – you can find them on bandcamp.

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      1. Right. I used to use the website 8tracks a lot to create and listen to “mixtapes”/playlists. I like it a lot better than the other platforms. There is a skip limit per playlist, but it is easier to figure out which artists will be featured on the playlist. In general I like the concept of virtual mixtapes, there’s a certain artistry and heart involved there.

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