My friends: Cinema, Boredom and Finland

Oh, yes! My keyboard has been replaced which means I can write in here without resorting to using my mobile device.

I’m a little upset over the fact that a vast amount of silent films (which were on my watchlist) have disappeared from Netflix. Why? Is it because silent film isn’t very important to most people? Is it because they’d rather watch their television series instead? Well, I, who is someone who appreciates silent cinema, enjoyed surfing the website and finding many interesting movies I had never heard of. Now there’s like less than thirty, I assume. I could watch them on Youtube but I can’t deny that Netflix has the best quality for films. And guess what shocks me even more! The Pola Negri movies. Both The Wildcat and Sumurun. The ones that changed my life. All gone.

Oh, whatever. There are still some great talkies left. After I finish writing this post, I shall watch The Bicycle Thief. A counselor at school recommended me that film so why not watch it?

So far in this endlessly tedious summer I have watched 38 movies. From May 29 until now. I do enjoy this pastime and I am really wondering if a profession or career can be made out of this.

Irritation has sure been persistent.

I have also been catching up on my Finnish, which thankfully takes up a lot of my time. My sister downloaded these apps on my phone so I could learn the language again and I have to say that it works! My vocabulary was so rusty before and it is just so grand to learn this beautiful language again. I still have to work on the grammar but there’s always a time for everything.

Maybe my summer has not been too bad now that I’ve described it in writing but I am still longing to go back to school. It starts in three weeks. I miss school and once I am there I beg to be back home. It will be my last year after all. No more first days of school.

At least today there is my favorite Peruvian food in the fridge (CAUSA!!!) and Pepsi and I can watch my movie in peace. My brother may bother me but I’ll just put him Despicable Me or something in another room.

I also have a new therapist. She really helps me with my consistent feelings of guilt.

All right, I should be going now. Maybe I’ll write later.

Here is a scene from Vertigo, my favorite Hitchcock film. It just cracks me up.


2 thoughts on “My friends: Cinema, Boredom and Finland

    1. Thank you! Soon when I’ll be back in school I won’t have much time again 😦

      Oh, the silent films! So pretty they were! At least some of my favorites are still there…..but there are some I can’t find in Youtube…..Pola Negri is thankfully there 🙂

      Thank you for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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