Dirty Girl


Sir, oh, sir. This sure is a fun film to watch!

It has a plot which would immediately attract my interest at once. I don’t know. It just does. There’s a misunderstood girl, misunderstood boy, and they both run away together. That may sound corny but it’s not really that way. I’m not talking of a Twilight-esque type of story.

The thing is that they all have good hearts, despite the fact that most of the characters mistreat one another. They all have the same intention, which is to cope with life at ease.

So, Danielle is a teenage girl living in Oklahoma in the year 1987.  She is carelessly promiscuous because she probably does not feel loved. I think her father having never been around might have caused this. She has issues with her mother because she has a great deal of boyfriends and does not get enough attention from her. Her mother is single and often (which reminds me of my own) prefers her boyfriends and gives them all her love. She tells Danielle that she will marry her Mormon boyfriend and that sure displeases the latter. This guy is an asshole from the very first line he even speaks. He wants to turn everyone into this type of conservative,  Southern family that prays to God in the shower.

Danielle is pissed and I get her. Her stepsister wants to take her room and that’s the only place where she can get some privacy. That just blows.

She gets in trouble at school again; this time for asking her teacher about something sexual-related and she gets sent to detention. There she is assigned a project with an outcast, Clarke. He is lonely, covers his head with a hoodie, and listens to music in class. He is just as misunderstood as her and even gets bullied. The thing is that he is homosexual and no one seems to either accept or respect that.

He gets more hell from his parents at home. His dad takes him to the doctor to de-gay (is that a word?) him by showing him pictures of women’s breasts and heterosexual acts but he’s pretty clear what he prefers. Clarke keeps pictures of naked Tom of Finland type of men just above his bed. His mother is sort of okay with this but his dad is one homophobic asshole and often berates him.

The project he and Danielle get assigned is one where they must care for a another life. They have to pretend a bag of flour is their child.

They soon become friends and Clark even lets her find her own father on a yearbook. She never met him because her mother always kept him a secret.

Soon she and Clark get fed up with their inconsiderate parents and they decided to go on a road trip together to find her dad….They found his address thanks to some help….

Then the movie is one fun ride. Clark falls in love. Danielle takes care of the flour. There is a striptease. They even sing together!

It’s one of my favorite films and I think of it gladly as this made me feel so much better last month.

It’s a fun film so please do watch it! Juno Temple is a great actress and she and Jeremy Dozier make a great team.



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