My college tour….

It went smoothly. We missed it by being late.

Yet we did have some fun. My sister and I ate some Bratwursts. We went to the record store. She bought me The Blue Angel and black metal albums (one being by Urfaust) for herself.

In the bookstore I read about Ramon Novarro and she read about witchcraft. I tried to read a book by Aleister Crowley, not knowing why, and could not comprehend it. There are a great deal of symbols involved in his religion.

I picked up a biography of Ernst Lubitsch and started to look for the parts with Pola Negri, of course. He lifted her dress on the set of Madame Dubarry because her flannel underwear was making a bump. She had to freeze through the rest of the shooting. I had no idea Ernst dated Ona Munson. We share the same birthday.

And I found an extraordinary picture.

Ernst Lubitsch and Fritz Lang hanging by the pool.
Ernst Lubitsch and Fritz Lang hanging by the pool.

My sister bought me the book and I am forever thankful. She bought me the book of the f-ing master. She bought herself a book about Wicca.

I also heard my favorite band’s eighth album passionately on our way back. Felt kind of moody all day.

Didn’t enjoy watching Monty Python and The Holy Grail again. It’s not my style, I guess.

I’m going to sleep. Ta-ta!

My favorite actress, ladies and gentlemen.

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