Die Nibelungen: Siegfried

All right, I’m getting a little obsessed with Fritz Lang.

He’s too much for me. Simply too much.

Last night I decided to watch one of his epics….and oh my lord. It was called Siegfried, yes, and in the introduction it said that the movie was not actually complete but the story line seemed coherent to me and so did the dreamlike backgrounds.

I watched it in the dark. It was just so beautifully restored and it was as if gold were permeated all over the coloring….

So, it was 2:30 hours long? Why, it felt like one hour at most. I was too caught up in the story. Plus, I learned a little bit of German 😀

Well, what is Siegfried, you may ask. It’s a Norse tale with a great deal of fantasy and a lot of value. It’s very human. There is the option to be faithful and one can also ruin a peaceful kingdom by spilling secrets….

All right, Siegfried is a quite good-looking young man who is the son of some king and almost invincible. Others see him as if he were something godly because of his strength and bravery.

But then he finds out there is another powerful kingdom named Worms with a brother and sister who rule it. Siegfried makes it his quest to go to there to ask for Kriemhild’s, the sister, hand in marriage. He hasn’t even met her or gotten to know her….I mean, for all he knows she could be a pompous princess who asks him to flex his muscles all day long.

So, on the way to the Worms kingdom, Siegfried crosses paths (well, he approaches) with a dragon.


Looks pretty harmless, yes? That’s what I thought. He appeared so adorable just having his drink of water. But one doesn’t see his true side until Mr. Siegfried approaches him after hearing him roar. And aha….He takes out his sword and the dragon goes “ROOOOOOOAAARRRR!!” and tries to strike him with his tail.

(This is as if I one were reading the story out of a book)

But that’s not all! He breathes fire! (I thought he was a dinosaur, okay.)

But Siegfried stabs him in the eye like Harry Potter did with the basilisk and a milky substance spurts out…..He gets stabbed on the side and there is so much blood spurting out…..

Siegfried observes and is disgusted…..until he hears the song of a bird….and is reminded…..

He remembers the legend of a dragon slayer who bathed in dragon blood becoming invincible!

Showering with some blood...
Showering with some blood…

You could assume that I am already absorbed in this story. I very much was at this point.

Then he becomes popular because he now is basically invincible and the people of the Worms kingdom overhear of his popularity. So does Kriemhild….

Then Siegfried comes to visit with his twelve vassals…..I am immediately reminded of Monty Python.

He meets the king, who looks exactly like Fredo Corleone, and asks him for his sister’s hand in marriage.


Hmm…..he thinks about it……Hmmm…….

He remembers he has a crush on a girl with a hostile spirit named Brunhild, whose name I can’t believe I dared to write just now.

I hate you.
I hate you.

So Mr. Gunther (the king) decides to have a little bargain. He tells Siegfried that in order to possibly get his sister’s approval, he needs to get Brunhild to marry him. That’s…quite a bargain because she is mean-spirited and won’t let a man win her over unless he defeats her in three challenges or so.


So Siegfried and Gunther decide to go on their quest to obtain the future bride (poor woman had no say in this) and this part is just magnificent.

Her kingdom is isolated….and she is fiercely independent. I admired her by this time. In order to reach it, the men had to walk through flames and flames (that probably symbolized her heartless spirit)…..

But they get through it! Just walkin’ through fire. Nothing special.

Brunhild is ostracized. Those bastards were supposed to die! No men were supposed to take over!

It was inevitable. They arrived and Siegfried assured Gunther that Brunhild was going to return with him to Worms….on her way to becoming his Queen. She was so very offended. She told him of the challenges and he agreed.

The thing was that she had a strong grip and Gunther was gentle as a moth.

But…OOPS! I forgot to tell that on the way to Worms Siegfried had encountered a man who had given him a head net (like Harry Potter’s invisible cloak) that can turn him into whatever he desires. He also found a treasure…but that’s for later.

So on all the challenges Siegfried gave Gunther….a sort of big (invisible) hand to help him win.

He helped him throw a big rock farther than Brunhild did.

He broke her shield when he had to hit her with the sword.

Wait, those were all the challenges? Oh, well, the movie is incomplete so I won’t delve too much about it.

It turns out that he won and she was really pissed. I get her. He didn’t even play fair and she still has to marry him anyhow. And sleep with him…..Brr! Poor Brunhild.

So a double wedding happens! Gunther weds Brunhild and Siegfried with Kriemhild.


But soon trouble ensues. There is jealousy and…..treason and do watch the movie, please!

I LOVED IT. This was so fun to write, I cannot believe it. This was no eternally boring epic like Intolerance or whatever. This had spark.

Well, I have yet to watch part two of the Die Nibelungen series. I am so excited. Kriemhild is super pissed in this one.

Fritz Lang is one hell of a director, by Christ!

(By the way, this was my 200th post so whoopee!!!)


She frightened me at night.



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