Man Hunt

I don’t have many adjectives to praise things. I usually say that something is fantastic, incredible, amazing, etc. 

But I will say that the film Man Hunt, directed by Fritz Lang, is spectacular. It’s in the level of.

I mean, I’ve seen two other Lang films, such as Scarlet Street and the silent classic Metropolis, but this one just did it for me. It features a character with a gritty spirit who does not know what to do anymore about the political, Nazi-infested Europe he has to live in and later finds himself with a rifle….with his finger on the trigger…..and Hitler being his target.

Now, that I would call heroic.


This movie showed how much harm the Nazis truly inflicted on people and all the injustice they spread under the rule of their fuhrer. It depicted their cruelty quite well.

Walter Pidgeon was a fine, fine actor. He was a combination of the likes of Gary Cooper and Gregory Peck….Well, he reminded me most of my Gary Cooper but he did look a lot like Gregory Peck when he had a beard.

My eyes got rather watery at the end when he was arguing with George Sanders and he yelled with all his courage and might of how Hitler was responsible for all the inhumane things that were happening and of how he was the bloody fuhrer…..I’m getting mixed up in what he said. Sorry, dears, I have bad memory.

Ugh, George Sanders was such a dick! What a seductive voice he had!

But I won’t ever forget Joan Bennett. She was a bitch in Scarlet Street with poor Edward G. Robinson and in Suspiria but here she was such an angel…..with an adorably valiant spirit. She was a little girl. She was a good soldier. She did all she could for love. Her relationship with Walter in the film was the type of love I don’t roll my eyes to. This was something I admired! When she and Walter bid each other good-by for the last time (on Waterloo Bridge?)….my eyes felt sad. She wanted to be with him wherever he was. He bought her this pin for her hat and it helped him immensely at the end.

Thanks to her character, I learned that policemen were called “dicks”. She had a good English accent!

She had possibly one of the most beautiful closeups I
have seen of any actress.

This was a movie I won’t even bother to forget and will bethink of it every now and then. Fritz Lang had enormous guts to make a film about killing the world’s most powerful leader at the time.

I mean, it had spunk. Walter was so clever with his arrow…..and the little boy who helped him!

I’d rather see this than Leni Riefenstahl’s Nazi movies.

God, I wanted this outfit.


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