Saw through all your bars

There are good things, after all! I’ve been writing again (in my own pace) and watching films. I’ve felt more enthusiastic for Pola Negri than other days…..

I’m going to attend a tour next week in a university. It sounded crazy when I considered it. Me….thinking of getting into one of the most prestigious schools in California? Would they even accept or like such a sad spectacle? Jeepers.

Gregory Peck went there and said his three years spent there were some of the best in his life…..

But I want to learn more about things I am interested in, such as Film and Writing. I could have a more important profession…..but I don’t want to spend years of study boring myself to tears.

Oh, I did attend one screening of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. I saw the sassy Ramon Novarro in Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.

It was fine….Ramon wore very tight dresses than other soldiers and I tried very hard to take him seriously but he was just so…..sassy. Especially when he invited Messala to have drinks with him in his room. Overall, this movie was great and the chariot race was mind-blowing. I still liked the version with Charlton Heston better though. He was more serious…..and less childish. Ramon Novarro is just too adorable…..and acts like a courageous twelve-year-old boy. See Mata Hari and you’ll believe me. It was as if Greta Garbo was paid to babysit.

And Music?

I like my Type O Negative as usual and my adored Cocteau Twins and Frank Zappa and other artists…..

I haven’t listened to my favorite band as much, for I fear that I won’t like what I’m listening to and that I’ll no longer like them…..

But there is one song that I am besotted with…..

Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra make a melodious duo. I can’t stop listening to such a tune!

All right, I should be getting ready now…..Ta-ta!


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