In Dreams I Talk To You

Last night I had a very pleasant dream. It was a day in which I was horribly depressed and that dream made me smile warmly when I awoke. 

Apparently, Pola Negri was still alive. She was elderly and wanted fans to reach her through Facebook. Ah, Pola, the old girl, using Facebook. (It would be glamorous) She was willing to talk to them by discussing her work and answering questions.

Well, of course, I was one of the first beings to message her privately. There weren’t many, at all. I praised her performance in Forbidden Paradise and asked her about the techniques of her acting and about the direction of some of the films she starred in and, of course, I had to tell her how much she meant to me.

And she replied! When in real life she was known for being rather private….

She wrote me about two paragraphs in response about this certain director of a film she had been in (It was not Lubitsch. I think it was Malcolm St. Clair), thanked me for being so interested in her life and work, and even put smiley faces in between!

That made me very, very happy when I woke up. Pola had paid me a visit in a dream.

I don’t dream of Pola often but Peter Steele converses with me in dreams in nights after going to bed depressed.

Just reading her memoirs makes me feel much closer to her. I can feel her insecurities about herself and of the future, confusion, and learn that by working hard one could even own a hundred carat diamond (in the size of a golf ball) necklace!

Pola would have found me incredibly strange were she to have known me back in those days….

Ah, but she was so different back then! Not an ordinary 20s girl, oh no.

She was not a flapper nor was she a vamp.

She was just Pola who worked hard as hell for her ambition. And still held her pride!

By God, she even made her first off-screen kiss (which she had at 22 like a good girl) sound so very intimate! There was so much passion in the way it was described. I mean, not her ghostwriter’s words; just how she decided share the story of that kiss.

She is so special.



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