The Shop Around the Corner (1940)


One hell of a film!

And guess who it’s directed byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……. 

(He is third on the right <3)
(He is third on the right <3)

So, I found this in a nearby record store (who put my favorite band under the goth section. How appalling!) and I gasped when I saw it. I had searched and searched for it in another store but the copy just disappeared. The workers don’t bother put the price of a film….or even the record of it in their computer system. Why, classic films are just there. Ugh, lord.

Well, I put this is in my DVD once I arrived home (thankfully I found my remote) but was in a bad mood, kind of. I couldn’t make anything of it. Maybe it was the agonizing heat.

I watched the beginning and discovered one of the actors to be Felix Bressart, who had also been in other Lubitsch films. He is a darling!

Then Jimmy Stewart showed up and……ehh…..I’ve never been big on him and sort of thought him dull. But this was my bad mood speaking. Oh, I remember I also bought another Cocteau Twins album and was not really loving it.

I decided to continue watching it a few hours later when my mood improved.

I hate writing reviews but I cannot refrain from telling about it!!!

So Alfred Kralik (Jimmy Stewart) works in a gift shop named Matuschek and Company in Budapest. Yes, they were all supposed to be Hungarians and most of them surprisingly had American accents.

He’s worked in that shop for nine years and is the oldest employee and a clerk. He has also been Mr. Matuschek’s (Frank Morgan) favorite employee…..

But lately he’s been a dick to him for no reasons!

But Kralik has his own affairs anyway. He has a pen pal who he discusses intellectual topics with since he “can’t afford an encyclopedia”.

He is pals with all of his co-workers, especially the adorable Pirovitch (Felix Bressart) ❤

But Mr. Matuschek has been treating everyone like shit, especially them both.

There is an argument about a cigarette box that plays the Russian classic “Ochi Chernye” every time it opens.

Then a girl named Klara Novak (Margaret Sullavan) storms in asking to be given a job. The boss refuses. Then she pretends to be a saleswoman in the shop and convinces a costumer to buy one of those silly cigarette boxes.

For six months she has worked in the shop and she has not gotten along with Kralik. Thing is that she also has a pen pal that she is crazy about and about to meet…..

Kralik argues with his asshole boss when he protests about not being treated with respect after asking to have the evening off. And he gets fired.

Klara has a date with her pen pal on that night and so does Kralik.

The boss gives everyone the night off after firing Kralik. Ugh, what a moody dick.

But Pirovitch goes with Kralik, who’s not in the best mood to meet girls, to see what girl is the pen pal waiting for him in the cafe.

And it happens to be Klara.

And the movie starts to get fucking good.

Kralik joins Klara and she tells him to piss off because she is waiting for her date.

Kralik tells Klara she’ll end up an old maid if she keeps up with that attitude and she tells him he walks like a duck.

And the Lubitsch essence is sprinkled and I can feel it…..


And what shall happen? Oh, watch the movie!!! (It is just that good.)

And who did it again? Who did it again??????

Ernst Lubitsch!!!!!

Thanks to him I like Jimmy Stewart now!
Thanks to him I like Jimmy Stewart now!

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