I know, I know. I’m late. 

But I haven’t stopped thinking of her and her legacy and how melodious her voice could sound in any age she was in….

Judy lived a hard life….had no teenage years….was deprived of rest…..but I can’t deny that she was great.

Her life wasn’t a total tragedy. She had her good times, just like us.

I remember reading about how as a teenager she had terrible self-esteem. When she was in the middle of filming Ziegfield Girl, she felt horribly insecure about being around so many beauties, such as the obviously beautiful Hedy Lamarr and that tramp Lana Turner who eloped with her first sweetheart. She went to one of the ladies in the studio and told her she was depressed because she thought herself ugly. Oh Judy, each of us are beautiful in our own way. Hedy had an exotic sassy look and you had the one of a shy, adorable girl with talent.

She was an incredible singer that could hit any note! She would have been 93 today.

By the way, if any of you have seen some farcical story on the front news about Judy Garland cutting deep in her own arteries and having lesbian car sex, I wouldn’t buy it. The lady was fired by Liza Minnelli herself. She just wants money and shows great disrespect for the dead.

But, anyway, anyway. Judy Garland had a musical glow within her at all times. She was a rainbow. And more than a gay icon. Come on, the woman should be known for being more than an LGBT icon. She was a movie star and worked her ass off while the studio heads popped her up with barbiturates.

Happy birthday, Judy. It’s still six in the afternoon here so I’m technically not late. Her songs are my jams:

*This one is so beautiful, by God! The first time I heard it my heart shed so many of its bloody tears!


My favorite medley of hers. I discovered it on a Judy CD and I  always do sing along…..

This is the last one because if I keep going I won’t stop. This song is angsty and describes what I feel most of the time. Oh lord. 

I wish you a nice birthday wherever you are, Judy.