It is my pleasure to thank Paul for nominating me with the wonderfully cool Dragon’s Loyalty Award
I do not have much knowledge of this award but I think I can manage. The excitement helps.

I am honored to accept the award, oh yes, and I realize that I sound like a girl from Miss Congeniality, ha-ha!! But this is exciting and I should go ahead and proceed in what I must do when accepting.

Now I assume that this award for all those fellow wunderbar bloggers who just better one’s day by being simply magnificent! Give yourselves a pat on the back, darlings! You deserve it.

Some rules of accepting the award include having to nominate fifteen blogs you must enjoy reading 🙂

But the rules can be slightly twisted at times and I wish to nominate everybody! You are all free to accept or not 😀 You are all dear individuals with many admirable traits and I cannot name you all…..

And now seven facts about myself….

1. I love Rugrats. I even had a toothbrush of it at some point in my infancy.

2. The grandson of Cesar Chavez liked a poem I wrote thanks to my eighth grade teacher showing it to him.

3. I had a sort of big crush on Leonardo Dicaprio when I was five.

4. I idolize Helga Pataki.

5. “Hansel and Gretel” continues to frighten me to this day.

6. Being in a graveyard makes me weep incessantly.

7. I am closer to my older sister than anyone else in this planet and she is my best friend.

Oh, I cannot even fully express how thankful I am for the nomination! Thanks ever so much!

Regards from dear Scarlett!