We’re all living in Amerika

7 years ago today, I stepped off a plane and walked into a new world. 

There were trees everywhere and I was hopeful. This was everything I had dreamed of as a child and there was a wide smile on my face.

And I knew barely a word of English. And that was a later reason as of why American kids teased me.

I did not know what the hell Jack in the Box was.

My views on America were so undeveloped…..

We did not live in a nice house like now…..

We endured big hardships, all right.

We had to live with intolerable, annoying people for a while.

And suffer through heat and boredom.

Soon after some months my hopes slightly dissolved.

So I formed my own.

While this is not an Inka Cola in the desert, it’s something.

But now I want to leave. Like I did in Peru.

There are bigger opportunities out there…..not in a country where 90% of food is grease and emergency healthcare for animals costs one a fortune.

Yet at least it’s not the vexatious environment of Peru….

If I didn’t live here, I would not have formed my own ideals and believed anything my mother told me instead.

I would not have discovered or seen my favorite band.

I would not have learned the language I fell in love with, English.

Or films! Were I still living in Peru, I’d probably like some awful contemporary stuff.

For you, I am grateful, America.

Though some of your inhabitants may be quite shitty, you are still a progressive land. Not a big fan of your economy though.

But it’s wunderbar.


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