Heil myself!


It’s Lubitsch. I will see anything Lubitsch. 

It’s anti-Nazi. Just as I like it. Lubitsch himself was Jewish or had Jewish blood and would’ve easily been thrown in a concentration camp had he remained in Germany after the 20s.

Carole Lombard is a darling.

It was directed by the fucking master.

It took place in Warsaw, Poland. Now, doesn’t that remind me of something…….

They talked about a certain unnamed Polish actress they’d be happy to never see again…

But it was in Poland, after all….


To Be or Not To Be

 We do the concentrating and the Poles do the camping.

The Fuehrer walks in the room and…..HEIL HEIL HEIL HEIL HEIL HEIL HEIL HEIL!

His devoted followers, Nazis, see him as a Messiah. Or as God who inflicts punishment for anything really.


I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

I knew he just did it again.

In any movie he will fascinate me.

Nazis should eat their own excrement.


Josef Tura and his fake mustache.

Sexy Nazi uniforms (damn you Tom of Finland).

My throat is sore as hell right now. It hurts to talk. I had a Pepsi overdose. Absolutely am going to stop drinking that.

I'm in love with you.
I’m in love with you.

His films are too unreal….which is why I am so besotted with this mastermind of filmmaking.

lubitsch laughing

Oh, I’m starting to feel kind of sick and weak. Darlings, soda is really bad for you.


You have done it again.
You have done it again.

And always….again and again…..forever and ever. You are the best director of all time.

This is the finest political comedy I have ever set my eyes on.

I was in a rapt state.

I just wanted to watch!

I never longed for the movie to be over, oh no.


All right then……Let’s get to it…..


Hitler, I hope you are rotting in the foulest depths of hell. I hope you starve.

God yes.
God yes.

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