Oh, god! I cried. Yes, I cried to the most beautiful silent film I’ve ever seen. I felt a salty tear slowly swim down from my eyelid. It was all so precious. This I really mean! 

At first I didn’t want to be married but then realized….that marriage could be beautiful unity….regardless of the legal title saying they are to be together for life….It just matters that both beings cannot live without each other and can make each other blush and dreamily sigh and be able to be as loving as the love between these young souls was depicted in this film….

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The movie starts out with a hopeless crumbled marriage as the husband makes a decision to fully exterminate the bond ever was between them….yet something stops them…..and they fall in love and love each other carelessly….And there is the miracle of forgiveness and regret.

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Janet Gaynor’s sweet persona really does make me cry. You adorable woman!

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I remember this film was referenced in the show Switched at Birth when these two people had to watch it for film school. This odious character gave the whole plot away. They finished watching it and there were no tears or amazement in their eyes. Their appreciation was dead.

Oh, isn’t this type of film the loveliest substance for one’s life loaded with troubles and far too much imagination?