Okay, so it wasn’t a winning contest. It was a bid on Ebay and I had stressed about it really all day. But I now shall own the handwriting of my biggest idol, Pola Negri! Though her handwriting looks drunk on most of her autographs, I am still so so glad I shall touch it. I mean, this woman touched it! Held by her tiny pale hand and entangled by her short fingers! I cannot describe the utmost happiness that possesses my being at this very moment!

It sold ultimately for twenty dollars. My sister and I kept staring at her phone, waiting for the right second to press the “Place Bid” button. When there were two seconds left of the bid, she pressed the button…adnd then waited some more seconds as it then said, “Congratulations, you are the highest bidder!” Oh lord!!!!

I am to thank my mother and my sister for agreeing to do this….
I can’t believe this sold for….twenty bucks. Not that I complain, of course, no, oh, no. I mean, millions of people talked about this woman worldwide on a daily basis back in the twenties…..and her handwriting…..evidence of what her hand could do when she possessed a pen……..sold for merely twenty bucks. But I still love you, Pola.

I shall frame it, yes. I shall look at it in moments of melancholy. Oh god, I’m going to own something that gets me closer to this woman! Oh, if Pola knew how much I adore her…

I shall clap for myself.