Pola Negri: The Fatalist

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Write, Re-Write, Repeat

From:  “A Creature of Flame and Desire,” by Sergio Delgado, Copyright, 2014.

During her reign in the 1920’s, the press made Miss Negri’s love life into something of a sport:  who was she seeing?  How long would it last?  Who was she engaged to?  Would they ever get married?   Pola must have found the whole thing amusing and helpful in terms of publicity.  There are many instances in which she hinted at an engagement with a “well-known Englishman” or “a wealthy American Businessman,” and giving some excuse for not naming names.  Ultimately, the press managed to ferret out the identity of her swains, only to come up with a denial from the intended.

She had a few very serious and very public love affairs over the years.  None of them lasted and most of them ended in disaster.  In fact, most of the men in her life–and one woman–died on…

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