Why, hello!

You living creatures, how do you all do? 

I just rested, yes. Some hours ago I took a nap and had that same usual nightmare. I was trapped in the lavatory, I couldn’t move and I was getting swallowed by the toilet and shower drain. I kept screaming.

I finished three silent films today.

First, I FINALLY saw Gösta Berling’s Saga. I had been meaning to watch it for the past year…..and I actually started watching just four minutes some weeks ago but grew distracted.

I started watching it during class time….and I thought, “Fuck it. I’ve been delaying this for too long.”

So once it played in my computer, I was immediately absorbed with the images, Nordic scenery and score.

I was also fully enamored with Lars Hanson.

Screenshot (705)

Maybe it was the bad boy act or his hair or the way he dressed…..I just fell for him.

I envy Jenny Hasselqvist.
I envy Jenny Hasselqvist.

Oh, yeah, Jenny Hasselqvist! I just love her. I’ve seen her in Sumurun and here I saw more of her acting talents.

Here she is as Marienne Sinclaire.
Here she is as Marienne Sinclaire.
And here she is as Sumurun.
And here she is as Sumurun.

I loved Garbo but still don’t understand why the big fuss is about her in here. She was barely in the movie.

But I think I understand why.

(This is nineteen-year-old Garbo under the direction and companionship of Mauritz Stiller)
(This is nineteen-year-old Garbo under the direction and companionship of Mauritz Stiller)

Screenshot (784)

Screenshot (787)

Screenshot (843)

Screenshot (844)

Screenshot (846)

Screenshot (849)

She was a dear. An angel. Timid. Beautiful. What really her personality was…..Already so young….and depicted that on the screen.

OHH!! I loved Gerda Lundequist! She was in charge of Ekeby, the land bestowed on her by her lover. She had such great sayings….and she had so much valor!

Screenshot (707)

Screenshot (708)

This mood reminded me of The Phantom Carriage. That movie was incredibly influential in Swedish cinema in the latter years.

And, yes, Lars himself did have his sayings.

Screenshot (665)

It may have been three hours long but did not feel as so! It was a fantastic film! I almost cried at the end…..

Ohhhh right. I stayed up until five in the morning two days ago watching Leave Her to Heaven.

Horrible main character.

One of the greatest movies I’ve seen.

The Fatal Attraction of the 1940s.

I only watched it because of my man Vincent Price, of course, but he was barely in it….but I didn’t care…..this was no ordinary film…..Oh, nooooo!

It did take me 25 minutes to calm down after Vincent Price appeared. I need to catch my breath. My man was so young…..without his mustache…..and in Technicolor.

Vincent Price and Technicolor are like garlic and rice.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about it. I even got my friend (who’s not obsessed with movies as I am) to look for it in Netflix because it was just that…..interesting.

You evil, psychotic bitch.
You evil, psychotic bitch.

Right, right…..The other silent films I watched today featured my sister’s man A.K.A Pola Negri’s man Rudolph Valentino.

He had different personalities in these two.

First I made my sister watch Camille, the 1921 version featuring him and Alla Nazimova. This was not like the Greta Garbo version…..This was very very different….Rudy was shy…..and Nazimova was wild. The mood of this movie was cold while the 1930s version is sweet and warm.

My eyes did water at the end. Camille is a sad story. Though my favorite Marguerite will always be Greta Garbo, I can’t deny I didn’t like Nazimova. She was quite melodramatic…in a likable way….and I just loved her style! She reminded me a bit of Isabella Rossellini. And Siousxie Soux.

Alla Nazimova-Camille - 1921

And I almost wept. Yet things went too fast….

My salty tears......and Valentino didn't even show up.....Robert Taylor sure did......
My salty tears……and Valentino didn’t even show up…..Robert Taylor sure did……



So, my sister then forced me to watch one of her favorites, Cobra.

Valentino here actually played an Italian man and I could see how he spoke his Italian with exaggerated mannerisms….He wasn’t timid here….He was a charismatic womanizer.

Smells nice.
Smells nice.

Oh…..and I hated Nita Naldi……and I’m pretty sure I’ll hate her just as much when I finish watching Blood and Sand…..

You temptress!
You temptress!

His friend was adorable……This film was like a romantic comedy and Valentino was charming as usual. My sister said “I Love You” at least ten times in one hour.

Right, I also wrote a journal entry for Animal Farm from Benjamin expressing his sorrow over his comrade’s death. He discussed suicide, nihilism and how faith is truly dead.

Yesterday I accompanied my mother on a date with some male and I couldn’t shut up. I spoke about Rudy Valentino, the volcano eruption in Pompeii, Hypatia and her gruesome, unjust death, Finland and corpses that just wouldn’t decompose. He says I was a walking encyclopedia.

I’ve also been trying to read Lily B. on the Brink of Paris. I love the series. I should’ve started reading it years ago. Elizabeth Cody Kimmel inspired me as a writer and I always wanted to be Lily Blennerhassett. My English got better when I read Lily B. on the Brink of Cool when I was ten. I’ve read it three times.

Well, what a nice day. I’m tired.

Please, Rambova, Rudy and Pola shared better and more sensual kisses!
Please, Rambova, he and Pola shared better sensual kisses!



2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. camille made me cry, too. have you seen blood and sand? it was also pretty nice.
    and oh, rudolph valentino. i just want to share that that when i first heard the song called right before my eyes by america, it made me curious about rudolph valentino’s movies. and then i got smitten. sigh.

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