Happy Birthday, Tom of Finland!

Happy birthday, Touko Laaksonen!

95 years since your birth and still so very alive in my heart!

He is possibly one of the biggest inspirations I’ve ever had. He wasn’t afraid to overcome the prejudice and bigotry against his sexuality back then and instead replaced the fear with art! And God did he let it flow so beautifully with his Marlon Brando lookalike bikers….

Lovely Touko was born on May 8th, 1920 in Kaarina, Finland, which is very close to Turku. His parents ran a school from their home so he was well-educated, one could say. I remember this funny story I read that one time his fifteen year old sister found one of his erotic drawings and ran away because she got aroused.

Then my hero was enlisted to WW2…..now you see him talking about that and he will go into topics of Red Army and…..he didn’t care much for politics but that man had his say about them! He liked Nazi boys, aesthetically-wise. He lost his virginity to one of them during a blackout in Helsinki. They just had the sexiest uniforms!

I won’t say more about my darling or this will turn into an entire devoted biography but I’ll just say he’s the best icon Finland has ever had because he changed its history of homosexuality and made it better. The stamps? Genius. I always do enjoy looking at his work. May he be playing piano and looking at his beloved Veli ❤

“Leather is a living material.” – Touko Laaksonen (Tom of Finland)

You stare at his hands and they are a time machine that take you to years of hard work and bravery. He did have the hands of a God. I’ll cherish you in my cardiovascular system forever.

You’ve given me vital inspiration for my life and I could just sob about how I adore you.


– Isadora Laaksonen

Touko in the USA.
Touko in the USA.

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