Toukokuu (month of dear Touko Laaksonen)

Wow, it’s May already? Seriously? April to me is really an unending month, but if the Earth’s rotation wishes to contradict me, it’s fine.

I’ve been doing much better!

I’ve been listening to the Cocteau Twins; sometimes for hours. I found two of their albums for two dollars each and I adore them! Here is one of my preferred tunes: “Sugar Hiccup”

It’s just….so melancholy and ethereal and so prettily careless. They also seem to have been a big influence on Type O Negative!

I’ve also been meaning to watch The Saga of Gosta Berling but I’ve been so very distracted but Garbo is such a frail beauty in it. Plus, Swedish cinema is remarkable.


Oh yes! I did finish Animal Farm and loved it to bits. There was no difference. Pigs were men since the beginning of their betrayal to Animalism!

Here is a picture of Emil Jannings kissing Pola Negri’s foot in Madame Dubarry!!!! ❤


And a song from teenage comedy She’s All That called “Prophecy” by Remy Zero. It hasn’t left my head since I watched it.


I have the San Francisco Silent Film Festival coming up but I can only afford a few movie screenings. I am most looking forward to seeing my Ramon Novarro as Ben-Hur and the dreamy ambient of Flesh and the Devil.

And school will be over on the 29th. Summer again. Scorching California sun. Such a blessing.

Darlings, it is two in the morning and I am tired. I love my blog and wish to write whatever I desire.


Good Night.
Good Night.

2 thoughts on “Toukokuu (month of dear Touko Laaksonen)

  1. I love Cocteau Twins and “Sugar Hiccup” is probably the song which hooked me on them. “Cherry Coloured Funk” is great too. I think that’s the title. Anyway, glad to read you are doing better after rough times! –Paul


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