Two days ago I decided to get rid of all the books I thought would never be interesting enough to read so I donated them to my local bookstore and received some discount credit when I made a purchase. The list of books included stuff written by Friedrich Nietzsche (I only kept Beyond Good and Evil; I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read a book dealing with themes such as Greek philosophy), Anne Rice (I like her first novel but the second one was a bit boring, to be honest), that lady who wrote Fifty Shades of Grey (God, the movie is terrible) and some other books that I hoarded because they were free and I couldn’t refrain from taking them. My reading concentration already isn’t that well but I have hope to someday read a book as I used to some years ago. You know, without going back a few pages because of forgetting the events or re-reading the sentences repeatedly.

Well, I had only fifteen dollars in my bag so I figured, “Why not buy something I could at least skim through every now and then?”

I searched and searched. There were books about movie stars I am not a big fan of…but then I found a big dusty book dating back to the early seventies and it was all about silent film history. Well, do guess what I did thus after!

I opened the book, sat on a hidden spot between book shelves as my sister looked for romance novels.

Loads of Mary Pickford I saw…lots of Chaplin…..lots of Theda Bara and I was impressed at first sight but felt something was missing. That was until I got to 1923, the year Pola Negri made her American film debut.


Pola everywhere! I couldn’t believe it. Other books just give her a mere paragraph or a mention in a sentence but here was a whole spread! She did matter. I just know she did. She still so does!

I was so glad to obtain this, as it was also very informative about early films from the 1910s and unknown actors and actresses.

Another book was also selected….it was written by an author who has very much captured my attention. I bought 1984 and can’t wait to read it. I’m on the last chapter of my beloved Animal Farm and I think of Boxer deeply…

There was no discount for this novel because it was an unused copy so it cost even more than the big silent cinema book. It’s an educational relic and I still don’t understand why it would cost around seven bucks.

So, yes, at least I made a buy I am not to regret.

I’ve been seriously considering moving to Finland and attending to my film studies there. My sister is planning to move to Norway to pursue her education so we’ll be an hour away…I’ll just phone her when I need her, ha-ha!

Well, I am to slumber now. I must go to my place of education tomorrow…or today, for it’s one in the morning. Even though I am tired from having watched around two majestic films today (Zoolander and Charlie Bartlett) and doing homework (I had to write my position in whether I believe if euthanasia should be legal or not; that was class work but required a lot of thought and my memory was failing me), I have been spending my nights exploring the very early works of erotic cinema. It seems that it all started in France. I can certainly see why! It’s fascinating how even back then people did the things humans talk of rather openly these days….I thought of it some months ago when I was about to sleep. Did they make dirty movies back then? Well, not explicit acts of fornication but some innocent nudity.

Here’s an early gem I found last night when I was about to slumber. This female from a century ago appears displeased with the lack of entertainment around her and just lies in bed…and meh. Ta-ta!

(There is some nudity here)