I just watched an incredible silent film called The Mysterious Lady, starring Greta Garbo and Conrad Nagel. It had been on my watchlist for months, as I had bought the Garbo silents box set months ago. I thankfully chose it, for I had nothing to watch since my mother cancelled the cable. I never watch TV anyway.

The film had beautiful cinematography and the atmosphere was as equally precious in giving me a dreamlike vibe. I loved Garbo and Conrad’s chemistry….Their love scenes were unquestionably sensual and Garbo…..Oh god, Garbo was a delicate beauty. The camera captured her sensuality and put me in a trance because she magic revolved around her. The lightning helped….There was sparkle in her eyes…..And she was immaculately dressed! But what I REALLY loved about this film was the score. It went well with the love scenes and Garbo’s faces. Her closeups made me feel bliss. In my soul and heart. There’s this song that Conrad plays in the film and Garbo sings with him…..Now, I can’t get it out of my head. I am besotted with it. I still am in a blissful state. Am I trapped in one of my few peaceful dreams? I feel love. I feel relief. I am released.

I still feel entranced. This film is a romantic dream. This is how love feels, when it doesn’t hurt. This film is paradise of rapture. I wish my afterlife could be with the score for this film and take place on a green countryside with pink skies and waterfalls and flowerbeds of red roses and trees and be with the love of my life…..Oh sweet lord, I am much too enchanted……