For the past week or so, I’ve been absorbed in the world of Jimmy Hopkins, the protagonist of a video game called Bully. I finished the game a few hours ago for the third or fourth time in my life and couldn’t feel more happy about myself. Well, I am proud of my skillful fingers. Last time I played this was nearly five years ago. God, it was both addicting and entertaining when doing so again.

In case any of you don’t know, Bully is a kind of violent video game where you play….well….a bully. It’s about this troubled teenager named Jimmy Hopkins who has been expelled from a great number of schools due to his deviant behavior and is about to be enrolled in Bullworth Academy, the worst school in the country, according to him. His mother has just married her fifth husband and is going on a year-long cruise with him so they both choose to just leave him there. Almost every person in the game either taunts or beats the hell out of you, thereby obliging you to fight back. Cliques divide most of the students and the ones involved terrorize others who are innocent with their own despicable ways. So darling Jim here feels he is the one to bring peace upon this whole school by taking control of each group and beating their leader. Yes, violence is involved. He tries talking and it does not work. Throughout the whole game, you have to complete missions in which you fight these cliques and try to set things right. Oh, right, there is also this sociopath named Gary who refuses to take his medication, plans to take over the whole school and makes Jimmy’s life hell. He is the number one cause of why I have to beat the hell out of everyone in order to make them understand I don’t mean harm…in spite of the daily beatings I give them during my free time on campus. I had to fight the Bullies, which was an easy chore. The Preppies were bratty incestuous prima donnas who would not stop throwing eggs at my face. All of the Greaser missions had to do with the leader Johnny’s jealousy towards his promiscuous girlfriend. I dreaded fighting those blasted Nerds with their stink bombs and spud guns. The Jocks earned my hatred when they flocked to me and started to punch me. Jimmy ended up in the infirmary twice.

The Townies were a bunch of vandals with firecrackers who received well-deserved beatings. It’s a very, very fun game. No one dies. It’s better than Grand Theft Auto where you decapitate people or burn them alive. You are in high school. You misbehave (or behave if you choose to) and can run away from the prefects. It’s like a very friendly version of San Andreas.

Ah, it was a good thing to blow the dust off my Play Station 2 and start playing with my video games again. The console is considered old now. I remember the days when I’d be on it for hours and hours! I also can recall seeing the video game walkthrough of Bully on the television and thinking it very different. I bought it a few years later and my mother ended up breaking it when I wouldn’t stop playing with it. Now, will they make a game set in the medieval days? I haven’t been keeping up with these recent games with extraordinary graphics…I just discovered that there is a game set in the 1910s! Wow! Before this, I was playing with my Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories after years. This is a game from my youth. I’ve had to replace copies of it. I feel a bit tense when having to participate in shootouts and murder. If I am driving and accidentally bump into a cop car, I am immediately wanted by the police. Anything interesting to do will get me arrested in that game. It has a place in my heart though. I have some warm memories of it from my past. I have memorized the streets and am pretty familiar with the personality of Toni, the main character. It’s sad that in the game his own mother hires hit men to kill him. The radio music is the best! I love driving while cranking up a tune from Lips 106!

After finishing missions in Bully, I usually tend to goof off and cause trouble among the people. Sometimes I am nice and defend the Nerds. What I love doing, though, is sneaking into the Girls’ Dorm, standing somewhere where no authorities might reach me, and then shooting female students with my slingshot. I know it sounds cruel but most of those girls say very hurtful things to Jimmy’s face and have no respect for him whatsoever. They won’t even kiss him if he doesn’t have chocolate or flowers! How dare they? I also like sitting on tree branches and shooting the adults and children from a faraway distance. No prefects or police get you! That gets pretty boring after a while and I thus choose to actually attend class. I fail English! It was my best subject in school! I excel at Chemistry! It was my worst subject in school! When I get desperately bored, I tend to explore the open world and find all the collectibles. If I get caught too often by the prefects when breaking the rules, I get detention and am forced to mow the lawn. Of the Preppies. The ones who tell me I dress awful because I am poor. I appreciate the waste of my time.

Fucking hell.

Even though Jimmy kisses girls through the whole game, I have made him only date boys during his free time. Yes, he has just pretended to like females just to go along with the storyline. This is my own version of the story. He was love-struck when seeing a Preppy boy gaze at the gray, winter sky of Bullworth town. They french kissed after two minutes. Oh, they hit it off immediately! Jimmy would stop riding his bike when he seeing the boy walking down the street and start to kiss him. I made him buy a shockingly expensive tuxedo and gold watches so I could understand his indulgence in luxury. I’d wait for him outside of his Preppy clubhouse. Do you know how Jimmy, an adolescent who did not find it easy to trust and love others, devoted his whole time to this boy? He changed himself for him. He gave himself to him! When Jimmy loves, he loves with every inch of his heart! One day, as I was walking back to my dorm after finishing a difficult mission, I spotted a redhaired girl sensually embracing a boy in a secluded corner by a garbage bin. Silly teenagers, I thought. Approaching them, I noticed the boy happening to be Jimmy’s beloved. Instant heartbreak! Cardiovascular System shattered! A stab on the chest! A gash in the center of the heart. Blood seeping through the wounds of his disappointment.

Cheating prick.

The Prep twat had been sharing a most erotic kiss with this redheaded tramp. Jim stopped and faced them for a second. They didn’t turn around. Jimmy took out his spud gun and fired it. They fell to the ground and groaned miserably. Jim walked up to the male who had exterminated his trust. He kicked him mercilessly. He turned to the girl and did the same. Soon the prefects arrived and chased him until he hid in a garbage bin. The relationship had plummeted to desolation.

Jim was forlorn for days. Or weeks. He never quite forgot the boy. He tried to ease his heartbreak by beating some students but it was of no avail. All the boy does now when he sees him is wave and say, “Well, hello there!” in a flirtatious tone. Jim beats him up. Each hit being a desperate search for the reason of his infidelity and each kick a cry of tearful frustration.

Darling Jimmy soon started courting a Greaser boy but he later knocked him out during a mission. He dwelt alone. In a world of moan.

Yes, this is what I do when I am bored in the game and have nothing else to do. I feel that I am doing nothing productive with my real life though. Oh, that’s all right. I’ve been trying to distract myself somehow. The Zoloft has been helping. I haven’t cried in days! The thing is that I have too many thoughts in my head when I am trying to fall asleep. They are mostly anxious ones. I stay up for hours just thinking. Without much sleep, my memory is horrendous! I have to move in about a week and my favorite band’s deluxe set of signed vinyls have not arrived yet even though they were pre-ordered three months ago and released a few days ago. I must call.

If you desire to see some comedic gameplay of Bully, you can see the best one I’ve found. TheGamingLemon is a very funny player. I like the voices he makes for video game characters. Especially Michael‘s in Grand Theft Auto V. Did you know a character can even go to therapy sessions now? How advanced our technology has become! I have a lot of fun watching Lemon’s videos. He invents the most peculiar stories for characters while not actually progressing through the games. Even though I have never even played some of these, his videos are still fun to watch. Such imagination that could be in someone’s mind intrigues me.

Maybe I’ll start playing Liberty City Stories soon if I am not too much of a coward to play it again . The killings are just much too brutal and the missions make me tense!

Do remember that bullying is never all right. It does not make one heroic or whatever and make things better. Resorting to violence just spices up the ardor of hatred and conflict. It just worsens the state of every single thing. It’s probably better to keep things calm verbally. I choose to play these games because they are very good at distracting me from depression, boredom included. Poor Bully was so controversial it was even banned in Brazil. Hey, at least Jim had a good purpose and brought some peace to his school.


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