I wish my darling Zappa the loveliest 74th birthday. He has brought much relief and joy to my life. His attitude may have been rather cynical but it was for a good cause. Not only is my Zappa my favorite guitarist (forgive me Tony Iommi)/composer, he is also my favorite thinker. Watching his interviews is always a pleasure because all his vastly different beliefs, views and opinions are interesting to hear. I hope he is still making more music in the afterlife.

To remember him….

(He’s in Finland here!)

My darling!

In these past years full of Zappa love and enthusiasm, I haven’t been able to accept his death. I know I’ll never see him live; neither with the Mothers. When I come close to realizing he’s actually dead, I am nearly put to tears. I can’t tell him how much I love him musically. That’s all right though. He probably knows somehow. At least he left us 99 albums to listen to, not counting the bootlegs and singles. I am to watch this again and see how he spent one normal day in his human life with all those he loved. It’s funny to even see him order Mexican food with his wife. When asked what he does for money, he responds, “I have a rock ‘n’ roll band”, and smiles. Was he a bit self-indulgent? Yes. He focused more on his music. At times he would ignore his kids and his wife, who he admitted cheating on. He loved them though. I think he and Gail made a great couple because they probably understood each other. In his autobiography, he said she was his very best friend. He also added that in order for a marriage to work, the spouses have to be best friends. He has some good stories in that book. What leaves me silent is when asked if he enjoyed life, he simply answered, “yes”.

And do guess! Weeks ago I came to find the recording of the entire infamous concert in Montreux that was interrupted by a fire in 1971. The one that inspired Deep Purple to write “Smoke on the Water”. By God, the entire gig (even when everybody escaped while the venue was aflame) is breathtaking! Good old classic tunes with Zappa and The Mothers…It’s one of the best concerts I have heard. The Mothers are so fun with their vocal antics! I am to say again that I wish I could have seen Zappa or him with The Mothers of Invention at least. In this recording you could even hear some of the members announce the fire….

And I should end this with a gig that shows Zappa comfortable with his artistry and performing skills. Again, it makes me sad, at times somewhat depressed. Oh lord, I will never be able to see him live! Do calm down, Isadora! Hear and watch away! Long live Frank Zappa. I may tattoo his mustache logo on my wrist if I ever get the courage. Ha, ha. Just remember, in his music he was only trying to express a tiny bit of truth, even if it mocked others and made them seem absurd. All in all, it’s Zappa and he was great.