Oh, I love this song and have kept it in my icy, delicate heart ever since I saw Aki Sirkesalo perform it in my DVD of Jyrki, a fun Finnish TV show from the late 90s which got later cancelled. Now, my sister, brother and I dance like Aki in his performance there. The name of the song means “Sexual harassment” in Finnish. R.I.P. Aki Sirkesalo. He was one of those Finnish greats.

I’ve been watching loads of movies lately! Some re-watches and some new!

I re-watched Donnie Darko after nearly a year and loved every bit of it. The first time seeing it one would think that the main character is some troubled, schizophrenic kid but there is so much more to that! This is one film with sci-fi elements that I actually do enjoy. Time traveling has always been that dream that could never come true….and the thought of its mere possibility so intrigues me! I’ll just give a basic explanation of Donnie’s behavior. According to the film, we live in the Primary Universe, where everything is real. Something wrong has happened with the fourth dimension (I have no idea what that is) and then reality is paused for a bit and a whole new temporary universe (an exact copy of the original one) is formed to solve this issue. It is called the Tangent Universe. It only lasts for some weeks and then collapses safely, making things go right again. Though if there is an issue when it does so, there is a risk of a black hole forming. It could exterminate all existence. So, most of the events of the movie happen in the Tangent Universe. It’s a fabulously weird film. You can read more about its explanation here.

Other movies that I watched after eons were Goodfellas and Barbie as Rapunzel. The first one was seen with glad smiles and hearty laughter.

Sooooooooooooometimeeeeees I-I-I-I-I-I-I wonder why I spend the lonely niiiiiiiiiiiight dreaming of a song…..

That movie means too much to me! It’s a guilty pleasure. I never think of it being a drag to sit all the way through…I watch it while eating chips and laughing. Ray Liotta was quite dashing with his precious blue eyes and attire. I wanted to give Robert De Niro a kiss on the cheek and dance with him! I would have joked all night long with Joe Pesci if he hadn’t shot me already. The movie has such a grand soundtrack! I so have to yet obtain it! Hmm, I like Scorsese’s films. There are always such great tunes in them.

Oh, yes, I think of the “re-cut”….erm….every time I watch this movie now. A Britney Spears song playing in the background? Oh, my lord! I must giggle every time Joe Pesci is “in” for the “Occasional Threesome”.

As for Barbie….It has been probably a decade since I watched it. It wasn’t the same. I saw it in a rather different way. It wasn’t as magical as it used to be with all the sparkles and princesses. No, no. It was reality now. Barbie Rapunzel was forced to stay in the castle all day by the mother who had “rescued” her when she was “abandoned”. So, you see, Rapunzel owed her everything. That was the mother’s way to get her to be her maid. She didn’t even allow her to paint! She snuck out and saw civilization for the first time in her life and what did her adoptive mother do? She destroyed all her paintings, locked her in her room and transformed that into a tower. Apparently when Rapunzel woke up one morning, she discovered her hairbrush had turned into a paintbrush overnight. She started painting on the wall with it and saw that she could literally enter the image she had painted. Soon she started sneaking out and eventually befriended a prince which led to them both falling in love with each other. Gothel is probably the cruelest goddamned villain ever to be in the Barbie movies. Also the most psychotic. Watch the movie and you’ll figure it out. It may be childish but at least teaches you good morals. Barbie movies these days are all about dating men and phones. They’re a bit more stupid, in my opinion. I wish I could paint another place like Rapunzel and enter it. I feel so trapped in my house. I have to care for my brother every day and can’t even get to feel rain or a bit of sunlight on my face. Oh, how more tedious can California get? Why did I delude myself as a child when I lived in Peru? There are not movie stars or palm trees or the nicest people in every corner here. I want to live someplace where I won’t feel trapped or get sick of it. I don’t think I belong in this country. I can’t picture myself living here for the rest of my life. Or in Peru either. I regret not giving this movie enough credit when I was younger. It’s better than the ones where Barbie became a mermaid or started singing about diamond castles.

Why can’t I be as pretty and patient as you, Barbie?

Napoleon Dynamite impressed my fancy when I watched it a few nights ago. A bit eccentric for a film but I liked it a great deal. He reminded me of myself when I would call my parents to pick me up from school when I wasn’t feeling “good”. I never did find out what happened to his parents. The conversations between mostly everyone seemed awkward and incited some confusion from me. How were Pedro and Napoleon friends when their conversations never did go anywhere? Aha, maybe they had some issues with their social skills and coped with that by barely saying anything to one another. They reminded me of my friend and I. All we talk about really is gay boys, Tom of Finland, and how bizarre we are. We also like to imagine our old school boy classmates going gay with each other. I would have befriended Napoleon if I were still in school. I would have also asked him for some dance lessons!

Watching Broken Blossoms last week surely depressed me and made me despise the tyrannical idiot who whipped her all the time. Poor Lillian! Why abuse such a frail, innocent girl? The Yellow Man intimately approached her sometimes and I thought him a bit creepy. I hated the ending and think Battling Burrows deserved to be tortured on the Catherine Wheel.

Screenshot 2014-11-29 at 6.01.23 PM

I had a blast watching The Doll after this one. Of course, my darling Lubitsch did it again. It had the humor that I most laugh at and Ossi Oswalda made my night! I SUPER recommend this one! It is on the same humorous level as The Oyster Princess!

Screenshot 2014-11-29 at 8.51.56 PM
One of the funniest silents I’ve seen!

Aside of my movie-watching, I’ve been finishing my educational work. I had to write an essay about some ancestor of mine’s journey immigrating to the USA. I ended up writing about myself since I figured that I write more if my thoughts and personal accounts are involved. That is why all my novels are in first-person. It’s my voice. Third-person is horribly difficult because of that sole reason. The essay was supposed to be from about four to six pages long. Mine was fourteen pages long. From twelve in the morning until four, I wrote about an overly detailed account of my childhood in Peru, and how I returned to America and adjusted to its customs. I wrote it as if I were writing my memoirs. I’ll write those when I am sixty. I wonder if my tutor has given it to my teacher yet. The latter has so much to read. The paragraphs are unending and I think I included too many intimate details. Well, hell! It’s done! I always do this. I take advantage of writing assignments to go off-topic and write a thousand pages about myself or other things that interest me. I have to finish silly mathematical problems and read a play. I stopped reading altogether. Or trying to. Maybe I’ll gain the ability to read someday.

Well, that has really been the whole week, as I remember it. Always at home. I also had a nightmare last night where I was seeing my favorite band live but….was standing further in the back. Oh no. I could barely see them and quickly forgot how they sounded after they were over. Oh dear. I awoke with anxiety and sadness right after. I hope that never does happen. Oh, yes! I am in the middle of watching Blood and Sand. My sister bought a copy of the movie because she appears to be a bigger Valentino fan than I am. She was drooling throughout the movie but fell asleep because it was midnight and she was tired from work. I was too exhausted also and turned off the film in the part where Nita Naldi is about to dine with him. I hope my older sister doesn’t read this but he is a hunk! He was so playful, too! I couldn’t help to look at his big butt in that torero outfit. Ah, Valentino and his fit body!

He was a good actor and puts me in a cheerful mood. I always like to see him smile! Ah, he is too damnably adorable in his films! I’ll finish the film later today.

I also had one rare find some nights ago. It was a tune from Siouxsie and the Banshees. Now, I hadn’t really heard of them before in my life as I am not very fond of post-punk, early eighties music like The Cure. Too melancholy for my taste. But once I heard her voice, I was captivated! Siouxsie resembled Pola Negri a bit with her eyebrows and dark makeup. I thought her very stylish. The band sounded great. The tune I am referring to is their cover of The Beatles’s “Dear Prudence”.

The video is very odd but fun if you watch it entirely. Her voice is low but pleases my ears. It is as if Pola Negri became young again in the late seventies, got a band and started to act more quirky. Maybe I’ll listen to more of their music, who knows? Other music I have been listening to is some Tchaikovsky and Chris Isaak. Such a cutie he is. My favorite Isaak tune has always been “Heart Shaped World”.