Happy birthday to seemingly my second favorite idol of all time! May he be in a new town where his casual joys won’t be destroyed or else he shall go on playing. I consider Morrison a poet, not a musician! That is why I always hearken and read the lyrics of Doors songs. They are so damnably important!

Doors songs with Morrison’s best writing:

The Doors – Take it As it Comes (Time to aim your arrows at the Sun!)

The Doors – My Eyes Have Seen You (Gazing on a city under television skies!)

The Doors – Yes, The River Knows (I promised I would drown myself in mysticated wine.)

The Doors – Strange Days (Hear me talk of sin and you know this is it!)

The Doors – The Soft Parade (Petition the lord with prayer!)

The Doors – Blue Sunday (I found my own true love was on a Blue Sunday.)

The Doors – Twentieth Century Fox (Your brain seems bruised with numbed surprise.)

The Doors – The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat) (Wasting the dawn!)

The Doors – Ghost Song (Cool jeweled moon….)

The Doors – The Crystal Ship (Oh tell me where your freedom lies. The streets are fields that never die.)

Jim Morrison was quite an interesting character. Very odd, bookish and his writings served a good purpose. He dealt with his internal hells by drinking sadly. And was terrible at being a boyfriend. The Doors are my second favorite band. I like him more as a writer than anything. Is he riding the snake? Some are born with sweet delight. May he have fun in his 71st birthday! I should really finish reading my Jim Morrison books. He was the king of the weirdos….