Vincent Price is somewhere over the rainbow, way up high….

My heart has been set aflutter. Possibly the greatest song ever written for a musical, which can be heard from Judy Garland’s vocal cords in The Wizard of Oz, has been sung by Vincent Price! He was just as good as Judy, of course, but in his own ominous fashion. Ah, that voice! I could spend eternities hearing it….The problem, however, was that the story of the film was set in the late twenties and “Over the Rainbow” was written ten years after. Oh, it does not matter! He and Judy should have sung a duet together back in the forties! I can imagine Judy singing her long notes as Vincent gives it a masculine essence with his sensual baritone. Yes, Dr. Phibes Rises Again was just as good as the first movie, that I must declare! Vincent even dresses up as a bloodthirsty Arab!

A murderous Rudolph Valentino?

Here is another chance to hear him sing, only in the first half, with some other lady joining after. Oh, what I would have done to sing with him….or to be his silent assistant in the Dr. Phibes movies! To dance with him, too! Oh, be still, my heart! Oh, I am in love!


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