I have real fan envy for humans who had the god-given opportunity to see Frank Zappa (also with the Mothers!) in concert when he was still alive. He and the Mothers just seemed to evoke laughter from the audience when they mocked certain people, such as groupies, or when they sang with whatever vocal ranges they wanted. Zappa must have been so fun to see live! Since all my albums sounded over-repeated and boring, I decided to give this one a listen because I really hadn’t even though it was bought a month ago. Ah, it was exhilarating! “Peaches en Regalia” has never sounded better live than in this one (this based on my experience of never having seen my darling perform it in real life)! The performance almost brought tears to my eyes! Oh, yes, especially with my darling’s guitar solos….In concert footage, his hands don’t appear to move that much…but still play those melodious riffs that I so love….If I had been a young lady in 1968 and was seeing Frank Zappa and the Mothers live, I would have screamed and pulled my hair if they played “The Duke Of Prunes”. I did that in the last concert of my favorite band I went to when they played my favorite song. I thank Touko Laaksonen that they are still alive at least. “The Duke Of Prunes” is one of those tunes that I must heartily sing along to. Even though my Zappa is dead now, I must be content that he left us his oddball legacy with music….Fillmore East – June 1971 is one of my preferred live albums, next to Just Another Band from L.A. and Does Humor Belong in Music?

If you have never really heard some Zappa and the Mothers, please do so right now. Your life may be changed. You may be missing out on one of life’s pleasures! Some people know that the late Frank Zappa was a skilled, self-taught musician but have not really heard his music! These days I don’t know what I would do if I were to be deprived of my Zappa albums….Unthinkable!