Tom of Finland cinema!

Not that I support rape or anything, but I am loving the hell out of this film! It’s kind of a silent with merry symphonies playing when homoerotic rape is happening. The main character is a boy who is in a dream….where he is targeted by a bunch of lustful sailors…..and then raped but in a very mind-blowing way. You can see he is struggling….but then smiling every now and then….There is a milky type of substance that is poured on his face and I just assume what that must beautifully represent. This, of course, reminded me, at once, at the very first-born second, of TOM OF FINLAND. Months ago I bought one of the volumes of his work that featured Marlon Brando look-alike bikers and this film just brings his drawings to life! It gives them the air they had for long been without! They needed film! Yes, film! And….here I found this illustrious piece at merely two in the morning…..and now want to see more of Kenneth Anger’s works! They are all so TOF themed! Should I watch more? Yes, I should! This film differentiates from those other films in the 40s where ladies took their gloves off or men delivered lines that would later be considered cliché…..No offense to Humphrey Bogart. There’s barely dialogue, which I most value, with lewd, unlawful acts being committed……and an ironic preference for music. This is a must-watch! It’s a short film so I don’t have to thankfully exhaust my memory or my eyes for hours! I applaud this terrific find of mine! Oh lord, I should really get some sleep. Yes, yes! I was warned last night and it happened to come true when I would not stop worrying and thinking my life was in emotional peril. Oh dear! The film stars the director himself and it was filmed in his parents’ home! How naughty and TOF influenced! Well, not really influenced by Touko Laaksonen’s art because he became largely known in America later on in the 50s….Ah, what the hell. Even the authorities had to be involved because they could not open their minds and eyes to the cinematic art they referred to as being “obscene”.


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