I found it!


My God! I finally have Wild at Heart in my possession! In my sweetest possession! After ages, I mean, ages! I’ve looked through store per store and NOTHING! Always the typical David Lynch stuff with Blue Velvet and Inland Empire. Where the hell was it? I had only seen half an hour of it about two years ago and wanted to see the rest even though most of the contents I remember were boobs, leather, madness and violence. I only needed to visit a record store in San Francisco (with a widespread number of collectible films to buy) and look through the David Lynch section…..Aaaaaaaand there it was! It was labeled “out of print”, which explains why I could never find it and now eases my frustration. I was surprised to find the rarest films in that store…..There was a film with Theda Bara! When the hell does one ever find a film with her? They had a Maya Deren collection with her avant-garde films…..I think that lady had sinister beauty and an unwonted approach to filmmaking. Oh, yes! I put one of my Vincent’s films on hold! My love! Oh, how joyous I am at one in the morning! I should be sleeping! If I don’t get enough of it, anxiety and irritation will overcome me. Now I’ll see again how dreamlike Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern look in that scene when they driving away on the vehicle as “Wicked Game” by my sultry Chris Isaak plays…..The right tune for all lovers and for all methods of romance. Wait, did it play in that scene? Oh, it’s been two years. Who knows? All that matters is that I own this movie now!

Oh, yes! I forgot I bought the soundtrack (for a dollar!) from a bookstore a little while ago. I found it abandoned there just like all my treasures…..It was grabbed the minute it was seen. I have enjoyed much of Angelo Badalamenti’s performances as well. Now, if the DVD for this film is out of print, why would a CD of its soundtrack be put in the clearance section and cost a dollar? That I am to never know.


The film can still be found on the web in websites such as Ebay but most of the copies are in blu-ray, I have to say. 3000 copies are out in that format. I found one copy for 55 bucks. For a DVD. There are still so many unresolved issues in that vast world of yours, internet. All I know is that I did not need you to help me find this film. It was a fortuitous find of mine. This is just what I needed after wasting half of the day bawling in my bed and being dragged away from the bathroom after I locked myself in there.


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