Ah, the perils of boredom! I’ve tried to fight them in any way I could. Well? Let’s see what has been done…..I’ve been watching Sunset Boulevard repeatedly because I just like it so much and have been trying to memorize Gloria Swanson’s many faces! I attended a screening of The Little American, a silent film with Mary Pickford, which I loved. She was so courageous! She shouldn’t have forgiven her German rapist beau though! Ramon Novarro had one of the loveliest cameo appearances I had ever seen! Peter Steele has been thought of a great deal in my mind and I’ve imagined how it would’ve been if he and I ever met. I have cried. I have not been able to sleep even when I took two pills without a care for the world. A Kurt Vonnegut novel has been bought. I hope I can read it. Maybe I’ll just read it aloud and not care if I have forgotten what I just read. My soda addiction has been halted because I feel I have become too dependent on it (I do not want to drink anything else) so I have moved to Red Gatorade again. Ugh. Once I left one bottle just lying there (it had already been opened), with the cap closed, and when it came to opening it again, it had a rotten stench. I vowed to never drink it again. Now, to end this night, I am to watch the music videos of my favorite band with no shame or embarrassment. I will not cover my eyes with my hands. I am bound to feel miserable after this action but I am not to tonight! Wish me luck on my audacity.


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